Who better to take health advice from than the man who is behind some of Hollywoods hottest bodies? David Kirsch has spent two decades uncovering and harnessing the powerful connection between mind, body and spirit to get his clients not only in tip top physical and mental shape. Interested in learning the secrets to his success? David recently shared 5 tips with us that will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle and the life you’ve imagined.

Tip #1: Never use the word diet.  Diet is a four-letter word that often leads to temptation, cheating and failure. Rather, you need to approach your nutrition, the foods and drinks you consume, in a more healthy way. Eat frequent small, healthful meals, and you will metabolize your food more efficiently leading to more energy.

Tip #2: When entering in to the fall/winter months it is easier to fall in to the trap of hibernation mode.  Keep it in your mindset to always be beach ready.  Get your workouts in earlier versus later because your body tends to have less energy when it is dark.  Remember, it is not just about being fit for summer it is about living a healthy lifestyle all year long.

Tip #3: Pay close attention to your nutrition.  During the warmer months you usually reach for something that is light and clean like a salad.  Keep this same pattern even during the fall/winter months.  Resist the temptation of eating heavy soups, carbs and more substantial meals that are more calories which will lend a hand to weight gain. Also, stay away from alcohol.

Tip #4: When you are working out it is more important to do less reps the correct way than do more reps the incorrect way. Once you build muscle your body will transform and will be able to add on more reps.  If you do the moves incorrectly you are more prone to injury.

Tip #5: It is incredibly important to push yourself during your workouts.  If you plateau during your workouts your body shape will plateau as well.  If you are trying to lose weight you need to always aim higher.  Most importantly, make sure to connect your body and mind during your exercising.

David Kirsch’s Top 5 Secrets To Fitness Success