We cannot help but love everything about Diana Newton and Brian Tuthill, the effervescent and inspirational co-founders and master trainers at FitMix Studio, the Hollywood Hot Spot that combines kick-ass pilates with treadmill-based endurance training.  Here, they share their inspirations, motivations and cheat-day treats!

Q: You are the co-owner of one of the hottest studios in town with a very unique workout. How did you guys come up with the idea to do a workout that encompassed both pilates and running in one class?

Diana: Well it started with Brian and I knowing that we wanted to open a Reformer Pilates studio but we definitely wanted to have cardio available in the same space – one stop shopping for our amazing clients.  We chose running because we both ultimately believed that in our personal experiences it was the most effective form of high intensity interval training to get that serious burn in a short amount of time.  Plus Pilates is such a fantastic compliment to running.  It offsets the high impact reality of running and also builds the necessary strength around your joints to help avoid injury. All around just a brilliant MASHUP!

Q: How do you personally mix up your workout routine?

Diana: I personally mix up my workout routine by taking classes at all the different fantastic studios around Los Angeles…we are totally spoiled here. I love many things beyond Pilates and running – sooo I go to Prevail Los Angeles to box, Aura Yoga for my stretch, Cyclehouse to cycle, or OrangeTheory, Training Mate, and Barry’s Bootcamp for my weights and plyometric training. PLUS it’s really nice to be a student and be led by the passion of other instructors/trainers out there in their element.

Brian: I just try to always do different things. Rarely do I do the same routine when I go the the gym. I like to throw a couple Endurance Pilates classes in and those are always different.

Q: What is your favorite cheat food? Do you have a fixed cheat day?

Diana: My favorite cheat food is garlic French fries.  Yep – I really go all the way!

Brian: Friggin’ potato chips. Oh I love them. My cheat day is the day I decide to cheat. It is not fixed.

Q: What is a favorite song of yours that inspires you to give it your best in a workout?

Diana: When I am struggling in a workout I have two go-to songs that can help me turn it around: 1) I Against I – by Massive Attack.  It has a sick beat and reminds me that I am the only person standing in my way.  2) Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) – by Kid Cudi.  It always gets me moving.

Brian: Lately it has been a lot of Trap music. One song? “Can’t Wait To” by Lunice.

Q: What is one of the most rewarding aspects of your role as studio co-owner and instructor?

Diana: One of the most rewarding aspects of being a studio owner is being let into people’s lives. People tell me their problems, fears, breakup stories, work stresses but also exciting news about their weekend, jobs, dreams, and even pregnancies!!! Being trusted on the inside of someone’s journey is a privilege.

Brian: As an owner the most rewarding part is when we train a new trainer and they teach their first class. That’s awesome. As a trainer it’s feeling like sometimes if everything has gone right I have made a client’s day better than when they walked in the door.

Q: What gets you over the hump when you are on the fence about working out?

Diana: Our clients at Fitmix are BADASS.  If I’m ever on the fence about working out all I have to do is look around and see the utter determination and strength of our people.  They inspire me to be a leader.  Plus we have an amazing little family/community in the studio so I frequently work out with our trainers or clients.  We are all in this together!

Brian: Knowing how much better my mood will be once I sweat.

Q: If you were allowed to bring only one item to a deserted island (inanimate not human) what would it be and why?

Diana:  I’ve thought about this question a lot…  and in the end I’m packing a package of road flares!!! I can signal for help, light a fire, scare off animals…I don’t need to bring a picture of my wonderful family because I am getting off that island and seeing them again. TAKE THAT DESERTED ISLAND!

Brian: I really want to say a sea worthy boat. But I know what you are getting at. Ha. So I will say a fully loaded Kindle.

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