Meet Heather Dorak, one of the most inspirational and influential women on the LA fitness scene.  After founding her first Pilates studio in her early 20s, Heather has gone on to expand Pilates Platinum into a four-studio Pilates powerhouse. With the addition of fitness videos and brand ambassadorships (she just partnered up with Fabletics!) to her resume, Heather is helping to spread the word on living a happy, healthy and fulfilled lifestyle!

Q: Tell us about the philosophy behind Pilates Platinum and what inspired you to found the studio?

A: Pilates Platinum is dedicated to creating a fun and energizing workout that is a journey for the mind, body and core. We believe that great customer service, a beautiful clean studio, state of the art equipment and amazing trainers are key to creating the best fitness experience for our clients. Through our passion for health, fitness and service we believe that each 55 minute class can be transformed into an amazing experience every time and will inspire our clients to achieve their personal fitness goals. Our classes include Pilates, a combination of Cycle and Pilates, Cycle with Weights and Barre classes.

Like many of my current clients, I fell in love with the workout and experienced amazing results after just a short amount of time.   Amazingly enough this all happened at a time when I was in my last year of college at UCLA and considering my career options.  It was a combined passion for health and fitness with my new found favorite workout that led me to open my first studio in Hollywood in 2006.  At that time, I had a small goal in mind to introduce this amazing workout to the community.  To my surprise, the phenomenon caught on very quickly, so much that I decided to expand my business and open 3 additional studios.

Q: What are the interesting trends you are seeing in fitness right now?

A: I remember reading this article on a few months ago about fitness trends going on around the world.  There are definitely ones I have never heard of that seem like a fun time! I love to travel so may be I will get to check one of them out soon!

Q: You must be on-the-go all the time; how do you incorporate wellness/fitness into your work/travel schedule?

I make sure to set my intention for the day as soon as I wake up. This keeps me on track for what I need to accomplish each day. There is always a work out scheduled in my mind to complete. Typically it is best to get it done sooner than later. I am an early riser, so immediately I may go for a run by the beach. Otherwise, the beauty of my work is that my work is fitness and can always jump into a class. I also love scheduling hikes with my girl friends. While traveling I like to see what type of fitness studios are in the area before I go and make a plan to check them out. It is both great for me to get my workout in as well as doing my homework to keep up with the fitness industry and exercises. Worse case scenario I will check out instagram to see if they are doing an at home workout I can do as well!

Q: Best advice you’ve received (or would give) a female entrepreneur looking to start a business?

A: It is okay to be scared and feel like you don’t have ‘control’. Being an entrepreneur revolves around the unknown. You have to be willing to take chances and leaps of faith. It will be your passion, you love and your dedication that will never let you down. It is those components that turn the unknowns into successes. Don’t ever give up, keep your head high, smile on your face and your vulnerable side tucked away out of view.

Q: Your most inspirational fitness experience?

A: I am always blown away by how inspiring my clients are to me. It never ceases to amaze me that each and every time, they “one-up” themselves and teach me so much. When you think it can’t get any better than this, it suddenly does. I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. I devote their passion to keeping me on my ‘toes’.

Q: Any current workout or fitness studio obsessions (other than your own!)?

A: I am absolutely loving a class called Ruma Caliente at La Dancefit.  I come from a dance background so anytime I can out on the dance floor I am all about it.  An added bonus is that this one is designed as a workout too!

Q: Upcoming/exciting Fall projects you can share?

A: I’ve got a few! On October 8th there is a fitness event taking place at The Grove to support the awareness of ovarian cancer in collaboration with Athleta. You can register on the BurnThis App here!  Also, October 25th I am a part of a group that is doing the Breat Cancer Walk.  And of course the Marie Claire/Burnthis event series!

Q: Fill in the blank: I workout because…

A: It is great for my mind, body and soul.

Q: Who do you Instagram-stalk for inspiration?

A: My instagram is filled with my trainers, family and friends.  I look forward to stalking them on a daily basis.  They encourage me to keep going.  I feel overly blessed to have such a great circle of people around me!

Q: Celeb body you “sweat”?

A: I love Jessica Alba.  She is an overall amazing woman.  From her roles in movies, to her life as a mom and wife, to creating The Honest Company.  She is always helping out with charities and doing everything and anything she can.  She is truly an inspiring woman to look up to.  Not to mention she has a killer body!

From The Heart: Q&A With Heather Dorak, Founder of Pilates Platinum