3 Simple Tips to Jumpstart Your Workout Program

Are you new to working out, or have you been sidelined for a while due to injury, illness, or personal reasons?  Sometimes life “gets in the way” of working out.  But it is easy to get back in that sweaty saddle as long as you remember to be kind to yourself. We asked Lauren Boldizar, author of the mommyonthemove blog to share some tips to get you going on your fitness journey, whether you are a beginner or exercise veteran.  As a busy working mom with two girls, ages 2 and under, Lauren knows a thing or two about getting creative when it comes to working out!


I think that we tend to be our own worst critic.  So what if you had to take a few breaks on your run, stopped for a stretch mid workout session, or did push-ups on your knees?!

Who cares? Stop criticizing your workouts and look at what you’ve achieved.  You don’t need to achieve perfection but just hold the intention each day to be a healthier version of yourself.


This can be a tough lesson to learn when you have a workout plan to stick to.   I have learned though my own fitness journey over the years to use my weekly workout plans as just a guide.

Rest when you need an off-day, and your workouts will be so much more effective because of it.


Most runners will tell you that they are not flexible or “bendy” enough for yoga.  The truth is that yoga takes just as much strength as flexibility.  And if you are not bendy like a straw (or my toddler), then your body will totally crave a good stretch from yoga.

Yoga is both physically and mentally challenging, but also so rewarding to focus on the present moment, the breath, and just let your body flow into the postures.

I hope you enjoy and happy training!

3 Simple Tips to Jumpstart Your Workout Program

By Lauren Boldizar, Creator of Mommyonthemoveblog