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By | March 25th, 2013
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If you’re a regular workout-aholic like I am, you know how hard it is to stay looking fresh and clean 24/7. Some days when I wake up and (miraculously) look good, I can’t bring myself to go to workout knowing I’ll have to come home and shower and do my hair if I want to go out in public again. However, there are secret beauty benefits to going to the gym regularly besides just keeping the pounds off, and with a little routine touchup, you can maximize that payoff to keep looking good even after a workout. Here are some of my favorite beauty tips for all you gym junkies:

Beauty Tip 1: Hot Masks 

Most people know that hair growth increases during the summer because of the heat from the sun, but did you know that exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do for your hair and nails? Having a healthy, active circulatory system is the key to increasing hair and nail growth. If you exercise in a heated room, that’s even better.

To keep your hair looking its best, combine your exercise routine with plenty of hydration – both by drinking water and by treating your hair to a hydrating mask every two weeks. I personally swear by applying extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil onto my hair, letting it sit for 20 minutes, and then washing it out as usual. The trick to getting it out of your hair is to apply shampoo before getting your hair wet with water, lathering up, and then rinsing!

Beauty Tip 2: Exfoliation 

I used to have terrible skin on my arms and my thighs in high school. I had these red little bumps on the back of my arms called keratosis pilaris, which is a pretty common skin condition caused by keratin build up that gets stuck in your hair follicles. Harmless, but definitely not cute. Since I started working out and sweating regularly, those little bumps are gone.

To keep my skin smooth, soft and bump-free, I exfoliate using a regular drug-store loofah on the days I don’t sweat. To moisturize my skin, I swear by unrefined coconut oil. It has changed my skin. I just get out of the shower, towel off, and immediately rub a little oil in all over just like lotion. If I get a little greasy, I towel off any excess. After about two weeks of using it consistently as a moisturizer, my legs were silky soft, my bumpy arms were gone, and as an added bonus, I smelled fantastic even post-workout!

Beauty Tip 3: Sea Spray

Tired of gross “sweat hair?” Make a salt spray with a clean spray bottle, 8 oz. of water, a teaspoon of sea salt or kosher salt, a dash of hairspray, and a dash of hair gel or leave-in conditioner. You can add a little more or less salt depending on how greasy gross your hair is – the more salt, the dryer the hair. Spray the solution onto your hair, concentrating on your roots. Flip upside and fluff with your fingers. If you have a hairdryer, give it a quick blast of heat while upside-down. You’ll end up with beachy waves! If you still look a little worse for wear, try a loose braid.

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