Flaunt This: Fitness & Nutrition Tips That Last a Lifetime

Summer might be gone but we can still hold on to all of the amazing fitness and nutrition tips we picked up during bikini high-season! We are highlighting the tips and inspirational moments of the winners from our Summer 2015 #FLAUNTHIS CHALLENGE, which received over 2,000 entries. Read on for motivation that works with any season!

(pictured: challenge partner Yoga Design Lab)

“Persistence. You need to believe that you can do it. The fitness journey cannot be accomplished in a hurry. Every day you have to fight a little, and each little victory compounds to a huge result with time.” – #1 Fitness Tip

“Create a new lifestyle. To have good nutrition you have to learn to appreciate healthy food so you don’t feel deprived!…. It also takes time, small changes at a time and persistence. Each day is a new battle and each victory leads to the next victory!” – #1 Nutrition Tip

“My defining moment was when I realized that it only depends on ME! Fitness is a mind game!  Your brain tries to trick you to get back in the old ways ALL THE TIME! But in the end the only person able to help you is yourself. You will realize that is all a matter of choices and priorities. Your choices of today always define the results of tomorrow.” – BurnThis Moment

-Flavia Hite

(pictured: challenge partner Caliwater)

“My number 1 fitness tip is that our bodies and minds usually tell us we should quit when we’re really only at 40% of our actual capacity – once you feel like you want to quit stick with it a little longer. That’s when the real work starts.” – #1 Fitness Tip

“My defining fitness achievement to date has been going through my yoga teacher training – it’s transformed my body and mind in more ways than I knew possible!” – BurnThis Moment

Alexandra Mollon

(pictured: challenge partner Yoga For Bad People)

 “My #1 nutrition tip that has helped me above all else, has been – and is – planning my meals ahead of time. Doing that takes the guesswork out of eating as well as keeps me on point when I am rushed or busy… Leaves no room for vending machines ;)” – #1 Nutrition Tip

-Jill Keller

(pictured: challenge partner Jax Coco)

“Even doing just 100 free-weight ab reps, booty reps, or arm reps is better than nothing for the days you don’t work out! It’s so simple to take out 5 minutes out of your 1,440 minutes of the day to make yourself look good and feel better.” – #1 Fitness Tip

“Going cold turkey on all the foods you love doesn’t work so let the process be slow, steady and sustainable!  Imagine having entry-level skills and being hired as a CEO! Sounds like fun and games until you realize you’re in the deep end without knowing how to swim.

Cutting out 100 calories a day means 700 a week and 2,800 a month! Your body and mind are used to and crave the foods you’ve been eating so you can’t expect to throw yourself in a completely different world of food and fitness.” – #1 Nutrition Tip

“I already had a little extra weight on me when I left for back to back study abroad programs but gained an extra 25 in my travels!  I lost 40 pounds in a year and a half just by small and gradual changes when I returned home and have never felt better! If I can do it, I promise you can too!”  – BurnThis Moment

-Stephanie Toft

(pictured: challenge partner: Drink Maple)

“Fitness is better with friends! It’s much more motivating to show up and get moving when you have a friend by your side to push you and keep you accountable.” – #1 Fitness Tip

-Emily Wang

(pictured: challenge partner Glossybox)

Flaunt This: Fitness & Nutrition Tips That Last a Lifetime

BurnThis Fitfam Winners of the Summer 2015 #FLAUNTHIS App Challenge