How I Got Reformed

By | January 17th, 2014

This is the story of a recovered cardioholic.  When I first moved to London, I was dumbfounded by the exorbitant price of the gym near my flat, so decided to stick with running outside and playing soccer to stay in shape. If I were a car, you’d have seen me chugging along for miles without any troubles but if you looked and listened closely, you would see that my paint was chipping and I needed a tune up or rather, a tone up.  My workout mantra had always been, if you’re not drenched by the end of your session having burnt a significant number of calories, it doesn’t count.    That definition has since changed.  I am now reformed, literally, and a huge fan of reformer Pilates.

This transformation began when I was lucky enough to try Pilates 3 times a week for a month at Bootcamp Pilates in Notting Hill.  I was sceptical because of my somewhat narrow definition of a workout but because I had just come off of running a marathon and needed to give my bod a break, I decided to give it a go.

It’s been quite a journey.  The technique took me awhile to master because I’m not the most coordinated person in the world, but I was learning.  Most workouts involved starting with a stretch using a Pilates ring, which looks like a hula hoop but is much smaller, as wide as your shoulders.  From there, the workouts varied to work the legs, arms, bum and abs through putting varying resistances against your body by using both ropes and doing different types of leg presses as well as standing on the reformer (which is like a moving bench).  My favorite by far is the “flying” you do by laying down on the reformer and pushing off a springboard at your feet, with resistance   What I loved about Bootcamp Pilates is that they give you different levels of position challenges, depending on your level of experience and give you multiple options on your resistance. Most importantly, the energetic staff keeps you inspired until the last plank.

My results to date include:

– I might be able to interview to be GI Jane’s apprentice position.  I can now do 30, real, push ups.
– Even though my jacked mother can still do more pull ups than I without breaking a sweat, I’m quickly catching up.
– While I have a defined 6 pack of airplane bottles of wine (there’s no questioning that), there is now strong evidence to suggest I have a 2 pack of abs ladies and gents.
– Most importantly, I have a new, confident, swagger in my step.

I personally work out because it makes me feel like a Beyonce at Madison Square Garden performing her encore number to a sold out crowd.   I know it sounds cheesy, but you know what I mean.  I am now leaner, stronger and faster…leading to greater confidence all around thanks to reformer Pilates.  As I start training for my next race, there is no doubt it is going to be an integral part of my routine to prevent injury and to ensure I keep that new swagger.

I promise, after a few classes you’ll feel the empowerment. I am reformed.  You can be too!

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