World-renowned fitness and wellness expert Tracey Mallett continues to revolutionize the exercise world with her body changing techniques designed specifically for time-crunched individuals and her creation of the hugely popular workout, “bootybarre”.  Tracey is an International Fitness and Wellness Expert, dancer, choreographer and Master Pilates Instructor who is teaching around the world. She has made it her mission to guide and motivate people – especially other busy moms — to boost weight loss and fitness with simple, practical exercise and diet solutions. As the Program Creator of bootybarreÒ and bbarre less™ 24 Mallett has partnered with 24 Hour Fitness to bring these programs to club markets throughout the U.S. this year. Continue reading the Q & A below to learn more about this dynamic workout and the unique benefits. 

Q. How does your barre program differ from others?

TM. We heavily focus on alignment and correct biomechanics, that has a foundation of Pilates, fused with active flexibility from Yoga, and dynamic conditioning from dance. We move to the beat of the music, with a flow that’s addictive because it makes you sweat. We’re about supporting and developing like-minded individuals and teaching good movement skills that yield results. We have over 20 years of industry experience with a creative force combined with my love for fusion fitness behind the brand to keep us moving forward within the industry. bootybarre is not just about being a great workout, but about educating the class to move better that becomes a way of life.

Q. Is bootybarre safe for pregnant women?

TM. Yes, if they have been doing bootybarre prior to getting pregnant. It’s never advised to start a new program after getting pregnant. bootybarre will focus on the strengthening of the hips and core that will support the lower back which is needed with added weight of the baby pressing forward. We also focus on opening of the chest and strengthening of the mid-section to help with their posture due to their center of gravity changing. 

Q. Have you seen an increase in men taking your classes?  If so why do you think that is?

TM. Yes, we have seen an increase with athletic men who value cross training to help prevent injury due to the flexible nature of the exercises performed at the barre with bootybarre. Plus, we focus on the posterior chain of the body, especially the hamstrings that will promote balance in the legs to increase power and strength, which is a plus for cyclists, runners, triathletes and swimmers. Men feel more comfortable walking into our class now as famous athletes are seen doing ballet, Pilates and barre type classes in the media.

 Q. What are the benefits of including a barre workout into your regular routine?

TM. Abdominal work that translates into functional strength as you are standing at the barre, in a neural spine NOT a tucked position, which is not in our vocabulary as it compresses the lumbar spine and overworks the hip flexors and quads. 

·         Flexibility from controlled movements that promote your body moving to the beat of the music. 

·         Lower body strength to help with the appearance of cellulite and promote sculpted, well balanced muscles in the upper and lower legs.

·         Awareness of how your body moves in space, learning how to work the smaller stabilizing muscle groups and not always to rely on the bigger muscles that get over worked promoting an un-balanced body. bootybarre works the body as a whole which elevates the heart rate to burn calories and build endurance.

Q. Anything new and exciting planned for bootybarre?

TM.  Yes, due to the popular demand of bootybarre, we saw a need for a similar class without a barre so we can reach more people as not all studios are able to fit barres in the room. bbarre less will be launching this year to help bridge this gap and also promote mind, body classes that often get neglected as they are seen as more of a relaxation class. bootybarre and bbbarre less are about connecting your mind to the body, so that you not only move with precision but also have FUN and BURN calories. Bottom line is, if you achieve this in the class it will continue to be successful, as the participants are getting more out of the class.

Interview by Nadia Murdock

Interview with Tracey Mallett creator of “BootyBarre”

By Nadia Murdock @NadiaMurdockFit