A Journey I Will Not Take Lightly

This is my story: It was early 2012. Your “average” guy was sitting on the couch thinking life was the way it was supposed to be. Or was it? It had been a hard week and what he wanted more than anything was a few beers and some time to himself. Nothing wrong with that, but he was confused. He started to think about his future and wondered if this is what life would be like forever. He thought that life, work, and those around him were the root of all of his problems. His health was “fine.” A little overweight maybe, but what difference does that make? A big one, apparently.

It just so happens that a picture with his son on the couch would change things. He saw what he had become. It wasn’t pretty: borderline alcoholic, certainly lost, confused, and depressed. His addiction to food was ruining his life. His poor health decisions were compounding and contributing to the person that no one wanted him to be. His bad habits kept him from fulfilling his true purpose and reaching a higher potential. One decision changed his life forever… starting a workout program with some friends.


A 90 day program was just a start.

Here I am now. I have lost 90 pounds, but forget the number. It almost doesn’t even matter. It’s the continual process of becoming a better version of myself and inspiring others to start their own journey. The journey is the whole point. Starting and continuing is the only thing that matters. There is no destination.  Health and fitness changed my life, but helping others take that first step and continue is a necessary part of my journey. I will not take it lightly….


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A Journey I Will Not Take Lightly

By Seth Bales, BurnThis Ambassador, 90-Pound Weight Loss Story