2015 is officially here and the parade of New Year’s Resolutions and Fitness Challenges is in full-swing.  Whether you are looking to exercise more, step up your bootcamp routine, lose weight, train for a race, or simply eat better, there is an option out there for you!

It turns out that studies show that while 45% of Americans typically make New Years resolutions only 8% actually follow through and achieve them.  So what are people pledging come January 1st?  We did some digging and discovered what the Top 10 Resolutions were that people made last year.  Click through to see the TOP 10 and check out our links with recommendations on how to stick to the resolution you chose!

1. LOSE WEIGHT: Try this program from Women’s Health.  Small changes go a long way.

2. GET ORGANIZED: Check the Huffington Post for the 411 on 10 Tricks to Organize Your Life.

3. SPEND LESS, SAVE MORE: Take action with these ideas from Business Insider.

4. ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST: Take enjoyment to the next level and enter to win a 7-day vacation from Well+Good at Rancho La Puerta.

5. STAY FIT & HEALTHY: Sometimes the road to a healthier lifestyle starts with an awesome workout outfit! Check out the top 2015 recommendations from Pop Sugar.

6. LEARN SOMETHING EXCITING: How about a new skill to boost your career? US News has 4 great ways to get started.

7. QUIT SMOKING: Go right to the source at lung.org and start today!

8. HELP OTHERS WITH THEIR DREAMS: Volunteer in the New Year. AM New York tells you how to get started.

9. FALL IN LOVE: Dating social networks are hotter than ever in 2015. Check out one of the “OG’s” in the space – Match.com. 

10. SPEND MORE TIME WITH FAMILY: Take this survey to help set your priorities.  

The 10 Most Popular New Years Resolutions