5 Simple Ways To Incorporate Exercise In Your Day

By | May 13th, 2013

Sometimes our schedules (life) gets in the way of making it to the gym. I’ve been one of those girls to argue that you can always make time for something, but the truth was if I wasn’t making it to the gym, I wasn’t getting my sweat on elsewhere. After realizing I was going on two weeks without a session I decided that I needed to do something about it. Mostly angry with myself, I figured that if I couldn’t physically make it to the gym, I would find ways to get my heart rate up. This little experiment resulted in 5 simple moves you can incorporate into you day to get your burn on.   Here are my 5 simple ways to incorporate the burn into your day.

1.     Drop & Squat

Give yourself a number, say 10 and make sure you hit that goal by the end of the day. Stop and go into a squat position for 30-60 seconds. Keep upping your daily number and time as the week goes on. I promise you’ll be impressed by the amount of endurance you can build by week’s end.

2.     Lunge The Room

I know, it sounds silly but I bet your co-workers get into it with you. Going to the bathroom… lunge. Oh, you are heading over to the water cooler? Please, allow me to lunge with you. By making light of it and getting others involved you won’t even realize you are tightening and lifting those buns of yours.

3.     Morning Crunch

This is easy because you literally just have to roll out of bed and onto the floor. Start off your morning with as many crunches as you can do. Don’t feel like counting? Set a stopwatch and just do as many as you can in the time you set aside for yourself.

4.     Take The Stairs

No matter how many floors. That’s the funny thing about this idea, people think that if you are headed up more than 3 flights it is just understood that you are going to use the elevator. No, going to floor 17? Walk as much up as you can.

5.     Dance It Out

Yes, you read correctly. Dancing is a great way to blow off steam and get your endorphins going. You don’t need to tell anybody, but when you get home from a long day turn up the tunes and let loose. You’ll instantly become less tense and you might even laugh a bit…imagine that.

Don’t beat yourself up over not doing enough workouts during the week, but also don’t think it has to be all or nothing! Whatever you do is more than you would have done.

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