After an amazing summer, heading back to school is no easy feat! While facebook, twitter and instragram are the typical go-tos when it comes to weekday study breaks/procrastination, our website survival guide which includes everything from fun games for charity to fitness activities will get you through that school day slump.

Have A Laugh: With schedules, friendships and pop quizzes, things can get serious fast. Laughter is always the best medicine. Take five, have a  breather and put a smile back on your face with our favorite Tumblr pages.

What Should We Call Me

When Parents Text

Animals Being Jerks

Make A Difference: We bet you never thought your procrastination could actually give back! These innovative sites transform your study break into an opportunity to better the world. What professor is going to argue with that?

Free Rice: Choose a subject and with each correct answer Free will donate 10 grains of rice through The World Food Programme to help end hunger.

Charitii: Play multiple-choice crossword puzzles for charity! The only cost is your time and skills.

Keep It Healthy: Pulling all nighters and attending frat parties doesn’t always lend itself to the healthiest of lifestyles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself motivated. These sites are a great way to lead the fit life you love whether you are home for the holidays or away at school!

SWEAT’s Studio Reviews: From coast to coast, BurnThis has got you covered with the hottest fitness studios in your area. Grab friends and make your sweat social by getting active together!

Cooking In College: Feeling like your only option is take out or the cafeteria? Think again! Declan and Erica are whipping up easy, dorm room friendly, recipes that are hearty enough to help you resist those late night cravings.

Community: Love, friendships, travel… school is full of questions and doubts. One of the best things about the internet is its ability to connect. Navigating college can be confusing, but these sites make it fun and easy!

College Candy

Her Campus

College Magazine


Back To School Website Survival Guide

The Best Study Break/Procrastination Websites Of Fall 2013