A couple of weeks ago, the Today Show showcased the surge in people trading gym memberships for booking boutique fitness studios. At BurnThis we aim to educate our readers on the boutique fitness studios available in their area, and the more places we review, the more we fall in love with local fitness studios! Not sure if ditching your gym membership is right for you? Click through to see the benefits of booking boutique!

Build a Community

No headphones allowed. While your fitness journey is your own, unlike gym environments, fitness classes force you (to some extent) to interact with those sweating around you. While you may not be chatting it up all class, you are all working towards the same goals and experiencing similar struggles, together. More often than not, faces become familiar and you can even end up having a new circle of friends!

(image via Flex Pilates)

Target Problem Areas

Arms, legs, butt, abs… not matter what it is you are looking to improve, there is a workout for you. No longer do you have to question whether or not you are getting the most out of your workout, fitness classes help optimize your experience by having you in and out while properly coaching you through your session.

Make Your Own Commitment

Unlike gym memberships, boutique fitness studios do not rope you into monthly fees, long-term contracts, or additional locker charges. Create your own personal journey by making a workout schedule you are willing to commit to.

Have Fun

Finding workouts that you enjoy, makes sweating fun! You are a lot less likely to skip a class when you enjoy the workout you are doing. Share the wellness and spread the fun by inviting  your friends to class as an alternative to a mid-week happy hour.


(image via Mazi Dance)

Mix It Up

For the price of a monthly gym membership, you can set up a weekly routine with different classes. Committing to different classes throughout the week helps keep your regiment exciting, allowing you to finally conquer your fitness goals.


(image via Biker Barre)


Ready to make the change? Find a boutique fitness studio in your area that works for your lifestyle HERE

Benefits Of Booking Boutique