Best Foods For Weight Loss

It goes without saying that hitting the gym is extremely important when it comes to trying to get rid of unwanted weight. However many people fail to remember that incorporating the right foods into your diet goes hand in hand with exercise. Regardless of how many hours you clock at the gym you will never reach the full potential of your fitness goals without a creating a healthy lifestyle all around. Try adding the suggested foods!

Green Tea: Helps promote weight loss by helping the body burn calories and fat.

Romaine Lettuce: An excellent source of B vitamins, folic acid, and manganese, which helps regulate blood sugar. When your blood sugar is balanced it helps your body burn stored fat, increase your metabolism and helps you to lose weight.

Almonds: Curbs hunger and blocks the body’s absorption of fat!

Whey: Consume in moderation coupled with a regular workout routine. Whey builds muscle and also burns fat.

Cayenne Pepper: This spice can help rev up your metabolism by burning fat and increasing your energy.

Water: Reaching for the water bottle when you think you are hungry is one sure fire way to ward off extra snacking. Often times when we think we are hungry our body is usually crying out for hydration.

Berries: Prevents cravings.

Grapefruit: Contains soluble fiber, vitamin C and folic acid. Research has found that when you include half a grapefruit before each meal it can lead to greater weight loss.

Broccoli: Because broccoli is low in calories you can have a considerable serving without the guilt. The fiber rich veggie is only 54 calories per cup!


Best Foods For Weight Loss

By Nadia Murdock