Boot Campaign’s Pushups for Charity: Supporting Veterans Through Fitness

In many ways, fitness is one of the most powerful methods at our collective disposal to affect major change.  Charities and fitness initiatives have long been intertwined. From races to sporting events to donation-based classes, people fire up their competitive juices for good causes.  Through fitness, everyone from spectators to donors to participants can give something to lend support.

To kick off the month of May and the lead up Memorial Day, we are highlighting the extraordinary work of the Bootcampaign and their Nationwide Pushups for Charity Summer Campaign.  Here’s the 411 on the initiative that is helping to change the quality of life for our nation’s veterans.

Q: What is Bootcampaign?

A: An organization that raises money and awareness for military personnel and their families. The charity encourages people to show their support through a fashion statement, by pairing combat boots with everyday clothing.  The funds raised through the purchase of the boots have helped support 22.5 Million veterans.

Q: How does the Pushups For Charity initiative work?

A: Throughout the summer, Bootcampaign is hosting the “Pushups for Charity” initiative to encourage even more people to join the cause.  Gyms, corporations and clubs across the country are forming teams to show their support.  Team members are challenged to complete as many pushups as they can in ninety seconds.  Donations are made for every pushup completed.

Q: Who is helping to promote the campaign?

A: Celebrities in the fitness and entertainment community are helping to lead the charge! Join stars like Tony Horton, Mark Steins, James Denton, and the Zac Brown Band and flex those muscles.

Q: How can you get involved?

A: You can create or join a team! Visit Pushups for Charity to learn more and sign up.  You can also enter the #IPUSH Challenge on the BurnThis App, a special month-long charity challenge.  Share a fitness-related photo telling us what you push for.  Every photo posted will help to raise money for the Bootcampaign.

Boot Campaign’s Pushups for Charity: Supporting Veterans Through Fitness