Sip This! Caliwater, The Cactus-Fruit Water

It seems that the bottled, boxed, infused, and plant-based water industry grows every day.  With so many options, we wanted to learn more about the industry-leaders that are setting themselves apart. Enter Caliwater, the California-based company producing delicious tasting water, made from….cactus fruit! Read on to discover what the drink actually tastes like, why it’s great for your skin, and how the production process works. 

Q: Where does the name come from? Can you explain what your slogan “Desert Discovered” means?

A: The phrase “Desert Discovered” represents how Caliwater is wild harvested from California and inspired by the exotic cactus fruit growing in our own backyards. We were excited to launch an innovative, healthy product that has ancient roots.

Q: What inspired you to create a water brand?  What did you do before this?

A: We previously worked in the entertainment industry. Originally, we wanted to open up a juice bar, but when we began making beverages from the prickly pear cactus fruit, we knew we had created something special.

Q: We can’t believe that you make water from cactus fruit! How does the process work?

A: We have a direct relationship with farmers who wild-harvest the prickly pear cactus fruit in California. We then include the fresh, prickly pear cactus puree, as well as prickly pear cactus extract, which has been shown through clinical trials to reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

Q: We confess that we don’t know exactly what cactus tastes like. What should we expect while sipping Caliwater?

A: The taste of Caliwater compares to watermelon or kiwi in flavor. It’s a light, refreshing beverage with a natural pink color.

Q: We have heard that in addition to the delicious taste, Caliwater has some secret skincare benefits?

A: Yes, the prickly pear cactus is the only superfruit that contains all 24 of the rare and potent antioxidants known as betalains, which support skin health and beauty.

Q: In recent years there has been an explosion in the “plant-based” water market.  What are your predictions on the industry for the coming years?

A: We definitely see room for a variety of plant-based waters in the marketplace. Coconut water has been leading the industry in the past, but because Caliwater is lower in calories and sugar than all coconut water and aloe juices on the market, it’s struck a chord with health-minded individuals. We’re looking forward to continued growth for Caliwater across the U.S. and have begun expanding internationally.

Sip This! Caliwater, The Cactus-Fruit Water