Although we feel on top of the world after an amazing workout, typically our appearances do not match how great we feel.  Whether you are running errands, or grabbing a quick bite after a sweat sesh, these simple hairstyles are the perfect go-to for looking presentable and stylish right after an intense workout.

A messy french braid is a great way to work with your sweat. We know, it sounds gross, but french braids hold way better when the hair is not freshly cleaned. If you are not sure where to begin, check out A Beautiful Mess for an easy step-by-step tutorial on perfecting the mess.

You may not have time to wash, but that doesn’t mean you can’t re-tame your hair! With just a little bit of heat and spray gel, our friends at Fitness Magazine tell you how to achieve the perfect post-workout coif.

Rather than trying to hide your hair imperfections, rock them! Headbands allow you to play with your untamed locks, by playing them up in unconventional ways. Not sure which style you’re into? shows you how to channel everyone from for the feminine fashionista, to the hippie lover in all of us.

When in doubt, bun it. From sock buns to top knots, you cannot go wrong with the effortlessly sophisticated look of a bun. Like the french braid, a little sweat goes a long way with keeping the look tame. Even when paired with gym clothes you will still feel uber stylish.

Looking for something a bit more than a braid, but less than a bun?  The Fishtail is your answer. Part funky, part tame this look is appropriate whether you are grabbing drinks or running to the drug store after your workout!

5 Chic Post-Workout Hairstyles We Sweat