There is so much variety in the activewear market.  We love when a fresh new brand catches our eye.  After hearing about Cory Vines, the “Warby Parker of Activewear,” we knew we needed to learn more.

Q: The fitness apparel industry is huge. What is Cory Vines all about? What sets it apart?

A: Our goal here at Cory Vines is to keep things simple. We release curated collections of activewear essentials which we make sure provide you with everything that you need, and nothing that you don’t. This means our clothing delivers: minimal design and branding, quality at a very reasonable price, comfort and style with all the technical attributes you would find in the best activewear in the market today.

Q: What was the inspiration for Cory Vines?

A: Our CEO and Founder, Daniel Lieberman was working in NYC in finance when he realized that there was a niche in the marketplace for basic activewear essentials at an affordable price. He was passionate about figuring out a way to help people cultivate their own active lifestyles without having to break the bank, or skimp on quality to do it. It was then that he decided to take on a new venture, which was the beginning of Cory Vines

Q:  As an activewear brand you guys must be all about working out! How does fitness fit into the company culture? 

A: Each person here at Cory Vines has their own fitness routine, and their own unique way of staying fit, healthy and happy. Our office dynamics and outlook toward fitness is very representative of how we see the marketplace today. Be it spinning, cross fit, running, yoga or boxing, people tailor their workouts to what they love, and sometimes even their personality traits. This is why we keep our designs and aesthetic minimal, while insuring our fabrics are always of the best quality, as we want to create pieces for people that will go the distance, for whatever activity they chose to partake in.

Q: We believe in the power of community to motivate and inspire; what people / brands do you insta-stalk for #fitspiration?

A: We have that in common! In all honesty, there are so many people on Instagram these days that have a story to tell, a journey that they are pursuing, and every single story is unique and inspiring in their own right. We are always looking for instagram influencers to be a part of our community so we can mutually spread the word and support one another in what drives us to stay healthy and fit.

Q: Everything at Cory Vines has us drooling – but if you had to suggest 1-2 go-to pieces for the fitness “junkie” what would they be?

A: That is just so great to hear! Our Path Collection has brought us to where we are today. They were the first pieces we created and are representative of the soul of our brand. They continue to be extremely popular among our unique online customers and studios alike. These pieces are versatile and have all the performance attributes one would need for their workout, including: anti-odor, anti-bacterial, moisure wicking, quick dry… the whole nine yards! This collection is available for both men and women. Furthermore, our Path Trapeze Bra has been one of our most popular pieces among our female clientele, so we decided to bring it back, season after season.

Q: You guys made a big splash when you entered the fitness scene. What’s next for Cory Vines?

A: We are continousily looking to evolve, while always making sure to deliver the best possible experience and product for our customers, as without them we would not be who we are today. We have began to shift our business model to include wholesale, so we will slowly be more accessible to potential customers around Canada and the United States. We welcome all new opportunities to expand our community and work with inspiring people and businesses alike.

Cory Vines: The Warby Parker of Activewear