How To Keep Your Activewear Chic & Versatile With Crane & Lion

We have the perfect activewear brand for you to try this fall! Crane & Lion’s activewear line delivers an effortlessly chic look with solid colored tops and bottoms, which are great as we transition seasons.  We also love that the brand includes staple pieces like it’s wrap sweat, which can be layered over any fitness outfit to easily transition from workout to other daily activities.  Read on to learn more about the brand that turns one this November!

Q: What is Crane & Lion and how did the merging of fashion and fitness inspire its creation?

A: Crane & Lion is a new fitness and fashion brand that launched in November of 2014. Clothing ranges from fitness tights to wrap sweaters.  Our design philosophy stems from the desire to provide active women with resilient clothing that is also chic and sophisticated.  Our performance wear combined with our fashion-forward pieces will effortlessly transition women from the gym, to meetings, to social engagements, and back.  Crane & Lion strives to empower the statement women make each day no matter how intense, or relaxed they need to be.

Q: What sets Crane & Lion apart from other women’s fitness apparel brands?

A: Our brand is targeting the active woman who wants her clothing to be chic and versatile.  Historically activewear and fashion have been segmented, but that’s not how our customer lives her everyday life.  We launched this company with inspiration and components from the fashion world that can be woven into our customer’s fitness wear. Our articles of clothing are created for the customer who wants to wear Crane & Lion clothing to run errands, attend a fitness class, meet girlfriends for lunch or spend the day around town or the home.


Q: We have noticed that Crane & Lion’s apparel line includes fun options like dresses and wrap sweaters. What inspired Crane & Lion to include these types of items in their line? 

A: Versatility of our pieces, and our line overall, is at our core.  Both the wrap sweater and the dress can be worn casually or dressed up.  They are functional and also very flattering.  Our wrap sweater immediately dresses up any fitness outfit and is also a great travel piece.  Our dress with built-in bra can be thrown on and worn for a variety of activities: the beach, tennis, work and even a night out.

Q: In addition to providing a beautiful collection of performance gear and fashion-forward fitness apparel we love Crane & Lion’s fitness blog. How does the content in your blog reflect the company philosophy? 

A: We wanted a blog that embodied the big picture of wellness and reflects how women live their lives.  Our customer is interested in fitness but she is interested in so much more than that when it comes to feeling good about herself.  That’s why we wanted to include blog posts about  style, nutrition, inspirational women and overall wellness.


Q: Where can we currently purchase Crane & Lion apparel

Q: What is your best selling item or items? 

A: Our two best sellers are our wrap sweater and capri tight.

Q: What exciting fitness fashion trends should we be on the lookout for in fall/winter 2015? 

A: You will see a continuation of the athleisure trend of mixing functional designs with chic comfort. For Crane & Lion we will be introducing some earthy tones that are new to the fitness scene.

How To Keep Your Activewear Chic & Versatile With Crane & Lion