Five Ways To Get More Out Of Your Workout

By | June 18th, 2013

I don’t know about you, but when I am done with a fitness session, I like to know I got the most out of my workout. Lets face it, we all got stuff to do, and as much as some of us would love to spend all day in the gym, life has other plans.

Here are five, simple ways to help you get a little more “juice for your squeeze” when you’re working out.

Ask: If you are unsure whether you are doing something correctly, ask your instructor! Or, if you are new to a format like pilates, or say, kettlebells, you can always get up a private session. Great form = great gains, and as instructors, we want to help you do things correctly so you can get more out of them.

Load: Add a little more weight, or, in cycling, a little more resistance. You’ll be amazed how it stokes that internal fire. Think of weight/resistance training like clothing; if you put too much on, you can always take some off.

Monitor: If you’re like me, you like to see proof of how hard you’ve worked. I love to know how many calories I’ve burned and how long I can sustain a certain heart rate.  Monitoring your Heart-Rate/Energy-Expenditure with a Heart- Rate Monitor/Movement-Monitor lets you know when you can say “bye, bye” to that cheeseburger!  Plus, when you’re trying to convince yourself your “giving it your all”, the numbers don’t lie.

Breathe: Breathing in and out seems pretty simple, right? But lots of times when we are working and focusing, we hold our breath. Your metabolism is like a fire, it needs oxygen to be stoked.  No breath, no burn.

Focus: Be present, focus on the breathe, the muscle, and the burn. Allow your mind to connect and live only in that moment. This time is yours.  Be selfish! Nothing else matters in these few minutes except your workout.

What you give, is what you get; so why not give 100%?

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MY BURNTHIS INSPIRATION: For me, it’s every day when people find connection to their body. As soon as they have that visceral connection to their body, seeing that discovery is like watching a little kid learn something for the first time. I’m consistently reminded of why I do this when I see people who really struggle the first day, then push through it and take on new fitness challenges (like signing up for a half marathon).

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