Co-Founder Carissa takes us behind the scenes of the New-York based company taking the country by storm!

Q: There is so much in a name! Where does Love Grace come from? 

A: We agree! We are often asked why we chose Love Grace. A few reasons. First Grace was a nickname of mine when I was younger so there is a sweet emotional connection to the word. When Jake and I were creating the company we were committed to using high vibrational words so Love of course came naturally. We were inspired by the work of Dr. Emoto and Messages from Water where he proved that water molecules react differently to positive words than negative words. We knew that putting these incredible words on our already premium nutrient rich beverages would be incredibly good vibes for those drinking it and the planet as a whole.  It feels good.

Q: What inspired you to start the company?  What did you think was lacking in the market?  

A: Jake and I have been co-creating in the kitchen for years. We came together through our passion for superfoods, adventure and ultimate health. Supercharged about feeling amazing and sharing health with the planet, we are really inspired by the idea that a truly nourished body does the most good.

I worked in fashion for ten years with Betsey Johnson and eventually found I was living the stereotypical lifestyle of long hours fueled by lattes.  I looked to time tested nutrition and replaced caffeine with homemade organic juices and superfood smoothies. Feeling my energy and performance soar, I knew I was onto something.

Jake with his love for nutrition and food preparation became a chef working in some of New York’s healthiest restaurants. Eventually becoming a head chef, he saw a need to take his culinary experience and apply it to easily accessible grab-and-go nutrition. At the time – 4 years ago – it was impossible to find a high-quality real, organic, delicious juice or smoothie in the store – a product with integrity that you could count on.

We dreamed of making this available to as many people as possible so that everyone could have the vitality to fulfill their individual dreams.

Q: Juice Cleansing is oft a hotly-debated topic.  How would you sum up the benefits of cleansing?

A: When you really think about the foods we eat, air we breath, chemicals in our body care products and in the fabrics we wear, you start to realize this toxicity is all new to the human body. Most of these chemicals didn’t exist even a couple of hundred years ago.

Juice cleansing is simple. A great reset. A chance for your body to do what it does best without having to process modern day confusing, modified, complicated ingredients.

You get condensed nutrients super bio available that help to support detoxification while building healthy cells. You can release all things that no longer serve you and step brightly and energetically into a healthy lifestyle.

Q: We noticed that juices in your cleanse pack have names like “Purify”, “Longevity Tonic” and “Restore.”  Is the order important in cleansing? 

A: We formulated the cleanse and designed it to support a person through the natural rhythm of their day. For example the Purify is 1/2 raw coconut water 1/2 green juice and is the first item of the cleanse day. This is a perfect way to “break” the “fast” of sleeping all night by hydrating and bind to whatever has been metabolized while sleeping and remove it from the bloodstream. The Gingerbomb is a great energy boost often replacing people’s morning coffee even after a juice cleanse! The superfood vegan protein smoothie is great for midday with healthy fats for brain support and protein to provide the energy necessary to get through the most active part of their day.  We wanted juice cleansing to be accessible, stress-free and delicious. So while there is a recommended order of juices it is not 100% necessary to get the results.

Q: What are the biggest no-no’s that we should definitely avoid when cleansing for optimal results?

A: For optimal results we suggest setting an intention for your juice cleanse. This is your time.  Keeping your intention or your “why” present really gives meaning and added support through your experience. We also suggest preparing for your juice cleanse. Weening off dairy, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and meat at least 2 days before you start and to stop eating at sundown the night before to have an enjoyable juice cleanse. Going in light makes a difference.

Q: There are so many delicious flavors to choose from! What would you recommend for the perfect summertime juice?

A: Our Organic Watermelon Cleanser. It’s seasonal and a hit! It’s refreshing, hydrating, thirst quenching and feels so good! With every sip you feel like you are truly drinking “sunlight in a bottle.”