Mixing It Up With Mott 50, The Activewear Company Protecting Your Skin

There are so many questions we ask ourselves when buying new workout gear: How does my butt look? Will sweat show up? Is the material better for a yoga class or running on the beach? But are we asking ourselves if the material adequately protects us from the sun?  Luckily, red-hot Activewear Company Mott 50 is asking that question for us. As a result, they developed a line of fashion that offers UPF sun protection in every garment. We got the full scoop from co-founder, Anne Reilly.

Q: Tell us about the philosophy behind MOTT 50. How did the company start?

A: Mott 50 was born on the beach! My business partner and I started discussing the company as we watched our friends who were former tanning advocates finally start to cover up! I also have a terrible history of skin cancer in my family, so I was very aware of the need for fashionable sun protective clothing.

Q: The activewear market is red-hot and packed these days.  What sets MOTT 50 apart?

A: Mott 50 is all about being effortless and easy to wear. The average tee shirt has a UPF of only 5! That means that harmful rays actually penetrate regular clothing causing skin cancer, sun spots, wrinkles and premature aging.

Q: Sometimes we can all use a little help from our friends! We’re looking for some style tips on how to make the ultimate selection for the perfect MOTT 50 outfit?

A: My favorite pieces are the long sleeve tees, they are light and airy and can literally be paired with anything. My go to beach piece is the Sonja Swim Dress. It’s perfect for Paddle Surfing as well as running around, all you need is a bikini bottom to pair it with!

Q: What is on the horizon for MOTT 50? Any interesting or exciting projects you can share?

A: We are so excited about our Pop Up starting April 3rd on Abbot Kinney. We will be there for the month! We are launching Childrens next week too and working on an awesome Mens launch in 2016!

Q: MOTT 50 is available online and in select boutiques. Where should we be on the lookout?

A: Visit our website at www.mott50.com. and come visit us April 3rd-30th at 1112 Abbot Kinney in Venice, CA!

Mixing It Up With Mott 50, The Activewear Company Protecting Your Skin