Does Your Sexual Position Help You Get Pregnant?

The best part about babies, if often the first part- making them! Would it not be awesome if there would be some way to make the entire process of conception more fun and enjoyable? amidst the regular measurements of your basal body temperature and precision controlled times for intercourse, the news that a few sexual positions are more likely to help you get pregnant must come as a wave of excitement. A few positions might just have a higher number of positive outcomes, although there haven’t yet been any researches.

The most commonplace Missionary position is said to be the best way to ensure his sperm reaches your fallopian tubes at the right time to make a rendezvous with your ovum. It uses gravity to your advantage and leaves you with lesser scope of doubt.

If you have a medical condition known as a tipped uterus, or if you haven’t been successful with the previous position, you might want to shift to what is commonly knows as the ‘doggy style’ or ‘hands-and-knees’. People say that deeper penetration helps the sperms reach their target quicker. Also, women who have signed up for Intrauterine Insemination might benefit from this position since the ejaculation occurs closer to the tubes than that in Missionary.

The cowgirl position is said to be the most pleasurable for a woman because she is in control. Even though it is against gravity, sperms are strong swimmers and can meet the ovum nevertheless. The most positive outcomes are the ones where the woman is comfortable.

The after-sex position is a trick that most parents are willing to try since it takes no extra effort. All you need to do is place a small pillow under your hips after intercourse and lay like that for twenty minutes. Apparently, this position is more conducive to the sperm swimming till your fallopian tubes, which is where the fertilization happens.

Don’t stick to the same position every time you have se because there is no dogma here and the sperm is biologically designed to reach your ovum. Irrespective of the position, the chances of you getting pregnant has a lot to do with the time you give yourself.

A common misconception regarding conception is that an orgasm makes it more likely for you to conceive, and that too, a male child. There is no research supporting the hypothesis yet. An orgasm does, however, increase the fun quotient during intercourse, stopping it from becoming another mundane activity that you have to perform on certain days.

If you are trying to get pregnant, then contrary what what most people think, having sex everyday is not a wise idea. alternating the days you engage in coitus would be beneficial because it would give your man some time to boost his sperm count. that said, do not limit your sex life to just those few days. Most women think they’re ovulating when they actually aren’t!

Another trick for couples who are trying to get pregnant for the consecutive time is to consider vaginal tightening. Repeated (or in some cases, even a single) child birth can lead to loosening of the muscles around the vaginal wall and also sagging of the vaginal mucosa. A simple procedure to tighten your pelvic muscles might bring back the zing to your sex life and help you conceive easily. It also helps in preventing UTIs, corrects sexual dysfunctions and relieves chronic pains such as vulvodynia.


Does Your Sexual Position Help You Get Pregnant?

By Dr. Vihang Sharma MBBS DACCO