Circuit training is the best way to burn if you are somebody who dreads gym boredom. Moving from one workout into the next gives you a full body workout while helping you burn up to 30 percent more calories. Not sure where to begin? If you are in the LA read on to find the perfect circuit training destination for you.

Burn 60: Get ready for a killer hour of cardio and strength intervals complete with plenty of brightly colored bands, bars, kettle bells, and bosu balls to keep boredom at bay. The fun is the combination! Added bonus: mixed into the cardio is some plyometrics and TRX training.

Barry’s Bootcamp: If you are a strong minded person, ready to push yourself to the limits, then Barry’s is for you. With the possibility to burn up to 1,000 calories a workout, you better be ready to sweat. Classes are held every day of the week and each class concentrates on a specific muscle group, unless you opt for the full body workout, which works everything.

Circuit Works: The name says it all – Circuit Works is a combination of strength and cardio circuits that work every inch of you. With ten totally different strength intervals, you’ll cover all your fitness bases and blast away your fitness boredom blues.

Dynamic You: Dynamic You Fitness believes in supporting their clients through every step of their fitness journey. The comfortable boutique studio takes out the guesswork of your workouts, providing their clients with a clear, no-nonsense approach to fitness.

Sweat Garage: Sweat Garage is a high intensity workout in a fun, positive, motivating class. They will kick your butt and make you feel great. Every week offers 7, totally different workouts that engage the whole body. Every day is different, every week!

The Best Places To Circuit Train In LA