The Hottest Boot Camps In NYC This Summer

By | June 6th, 2013

Summer is officially here! Whether you are trying to tone up, or just looking to maintain you bikini bod, nothing keeps you fit like a boot camp. Yes, these workouts are designed to do just that – kick your booty into tip-top shape! From the Brooklyn Bridge to Columbus Circle, New York City has got the hottest boot camps, designed to push you to your limits and give you the results you’ve dreamed of.  Gather your friends, we’ve got the ultimate guide to best this city has to offer.

Al Kavadlo Boot Camp
Who: Trainer Al Kavadlo
What: 50-minute, full-body strength & conditioning class that focuses on using body-weight exercises and a jungle gym!
Where: Tompkins Square Park
When: Saturday mornings from May-August. Click here for a full schedule and to sign up!
Price: $30 per class or $300 unlimited

Who: Personal trainers Tim Haft and Shana Brady.
What: High-intensity, interval training that broadly based off of the Tabata practice; 20 seconds of work followed by a 10 second break.
Where: McCarren Park, Williamsburg
When: Click here for a full schedule and to sign up!
Price: $15 or $120 for the 6-week program

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp
Who: Depends on your class, but one of the seven knowledgeable, fun and super fit trainers.
What: An 800 calorie burning, body-changing workout, so hardcore you might forget to look up and take in the iconic view.
Where: Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park.
When: Click here for a full schedule and to sign up!
Price: $20 per class

Circuit of Change Mindbody Bootcamp
Who: Brian Delmonico
What: 45 minutes of martial-arts-inspired interval training and sprints, followed by 15 minutes of yoga and meditation. Talk about the complete work out!
Where: Pier 46 (Charles St. and the Hudson River)
When: Click here for a full schedule and to sign up!
Price: $27 per class

Fitness Fight Camp
Who: Lauren Holloway or Brian Pedone
What: Rain or shine get there five minutes early to wrap up your hands and start a workout where you will be kicking and kneeing fellow participants to a sculpted body.
Where: Central Park
When: Click here for a full schedule and to sign up!
Price: $25 per class

Holly Rilinger’s Training Camp
Who: Fitness expert Holly Rilinger
What: Challenging workout that integrates happiness as a way to inspire a lifestyle facelift. Where dancing breaks and squats work in harmony.
Where: Hudson River Parkat 23rd Street and Central Park at 69th and Fifth Avenue
When: Holly leads May, June, and September; but leave the class to her trusted protégés in July and August. Click here for a full schedule and to sign up!
Price: $350 for 8 sessions

Lacey Stone’s BOOTYCamp
Who: Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone’s protégé, Daniela Iannone
What: High-intensity athletic approach, mixed with over-the-top enthusiasm.
Where: Pier 46 Charles St. and the Hudson River
When: 6:30-7:30 am Monday-Thursday with evening classes available upon request. Click here for a full schedule and to sign up.
Price: $200–$350 for 8 sessions over 4 weeks 

Refine Method
Who: One of the fabulous instructors of the boutique fitness studio, Refine.
What: Kick-up your popular barree class with a ballerina circuit style boot camp. Yes, you read correctly. This camp takes takes the popular class we all know and love into the park. Don’t worry your ladders, medicine balls, and jump ropes are included.
Where: Central Park
When: Click here for a full schedule and to sign up!
Price: $30 per class or $135 for 5 classes

Simply Fit Astoria
Who: Zumba master/teacher Lisa Eskenazi
What: Jump Start Morning Boot Camp class will have you moving your way at high intervals for a full body workout.
Where: Astoria Park
When: Click here for a full schedule!
Price: $15 per class, $80–$150 for packages

Stacy’s Bootcamp
Who: Stacy Berman
What: Think four-minute planks, water jugs as weights and a big feeling of accomplishment upon being finished.
Where: Central Park, Washington Square Park and Battery Park
When: Classes are offered year round! Click here for a full schedule and to sign up.
Price: $110–$275 for 3-week sessions

Street Kamp
Who: Military-trained, powerhouse Bishop Garland.
What: Get ready to feel tough! You will be given the tough love approach to as you crawl through sand on your stomach, bear crawl up hills, and jump rope.
Where: Central Park
When: Email for summer schedule and sign up!
Price: $28/class, $110/5 classes, $200/10 classes

Trooper Fitness
Who: Prince Brathwaite
What: This guy brings everything from ropes to kettlebells, so you better believe you are using them! Get ready for a motivational workout, packed with tons of positive energy.
Where: East River Park
When: Click here for a full schedule and to sign up!
Price: $20 per class

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