Top 10 Best Fitness Apps For Your iPhone

By | July 18th, 2013

It used to be that when a class was filled and a personal trainer was out of the picture, you were left to your own devices. Those days are over. With so many fitness apps on the market today, you can get your burn on practically anywhere! Feeling overwhelmed by all the options? We have narrowed down the  best apps that will leave you sweaty and satisfied.

Nike Training Club: Whether you are looking to get lean, get toned, get strong or get focused Nike Training Club has got you. Select your level, your goal and begin. The easy to follow videos and words of encouragement give you the ultimate burn.
Price: Free

Pocket Yoga: There are always moments throughout the day to sneak in a little “ohm.” Pocket Yoga allows you to center yourself anytime, anywhere! Master each pose with helpful visuals and then build your own routine!
Price: Free

Fit ID: Track your meals, training and progress while discovering popular programs, diets and fitness personalities. Get social by sharing your success over facebook, twitter and the fitID community.
Price: Free

Pumping Weight: Take the complication of weight training out of the picture with Pumping Weight. The smooth interface and easy to follow workouts allow you to “pump” safetly. You can view your workouts and schedule your calendar with their tracking system
Price: $1.99

Teemo: Make your workouts fun! Invite Facebook friends and get active without heading to the gym. With equipment, or even sneakers needed, you can take on virtual challenges by incorporating your own environment.
Price: Free

Cody: Get words of encouragement and track your workouts with your own trainer, Cody! Share your workouts with friends and track their progress and stats on a timeline.
Price: Free

GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer: Looking to get your hands on a personal trainer, for free? GAIN allows you to set personal preferences and builds you a custom fitness plan. Your calendar will help you keep track of your workouts, while the video feature allows you to properly master each move. No need to slack off, your “trainer” will motivate you through your workouts.
Price: Free

5K Trainer: Get up and moving! 5K Trainer will have you striding with pride in just eight short weeks. Make your own playlists, be properly paced and even know when it is time to head out to the door with this helpful app. Don’t freak out, you will have time allotted for rest!
Price: Free

Map My Ride: Discover new routes and view statistic all while using your phone! Rides can get scenic, Map My Ride allows you to use your phone throughout your ride. Snap a photo, take a call and don’t panic – your ride will still be efficiently calculated with distance, calories and route.
Price: Free

Obstacles XRT: Get ready for an extreme workout! Say goodbye to that treadmill. With Obstacles XRT will have you jumping over tires, escaping quicksand, and crawling under fences…in your own home! With no equipment needed you’ll get your heart rate up and fat burning with this extreme reality training app.
Price: Free

Honorable Mention – Jawbone’s UP Band: It is hard to say that this is an app, when it is so much more. UP’s slogan, “Know Yourself. Live Better” says it all. The band tracks everything from your sleep pattern, to  daily physical activity. With the ability to add things like your mood and meals, you gain insight as to what makes you function at your best. When you familiarize yourself with your body like never before and be given the tools to improve your life, there is nowhere to go but UP!

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