Top 5 Post-Pilates Products to Keep In Your Gym Bag

Los Angeles, like many cities, is busy and bustling.  I find that my pilates clients and I share the same post-workout experience: we don’t have the time to run home to shower and clean up before tackling the next task of the day! I tend to do errands right after my workout or pop on over to one of my other studios to take care of business or just say hi to some smiling, hard-working faces. That means post-workout products and process are essential.  Below are my quick clean up tips that will leave you fresh and confident, without looking like you just stepped off of a reformer.


This is possibly the most important product/source you need to have on hand after a workout. To keep your body internally at its peek, it needs to be replenished with healthy water. I chose to pick Alkaline water as my number one water choice. According to the experts, the higher pH levels in Alkaline water help to neutralize the acid in our bloodstream, boost your metabolism, and help your body absorb nutrients faster.  Filling our bodies with acidic water is giving us an environment in which diseases love to live in.


As much as I would love to bring a bar of soap with me to wash my face after a workout, it isn’t the most ideal product to put back into your purse or gym bag afterwards. I do like the idea of the face wash wipes but I don’t like the impact of them on the environment. To try and balance these battles, I rinse my face off as best as I can with just water, then spray myself with Breath of Fresh Air Toner by Lush. It helps my face to cool down and leaves it refreshing with natural minerals from the ocean that our skin loves.


I like to embrace my hair look that says, I just woke up, took a swim in the ocean, and the wind blew it into a sexy minimal effort look. Or I put a hat on! I like the bright colors and simple lines created with Aviator Nation’s clothing while it still makes a statement at the same time.


Whether it IS a super sweaty day and I need to change my leggings or one in which I just keep the same leggings on, either way I am wearing the same type of pant on the reformer and off of the reformer. Some of my favorites for the upcoming summer are from the Vie Active line. They have some awesome bold leopard print ones that will make a statement anywhere.


In order to process, restore, grow and rebuild your body needs nutrients immediately after a workout session. Soupure is a great item to drink without feeling like you are shoving a bunch of food in your mouth. It is perfect for me because I never feel super hungry after a workout but know my body needs nutrients.

Top 5 Post-Pilates Products to Keep In Your Gym Bag

By Heather Dorak, BurnThis Ambassador & Founder, Pilates Platinum