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By | April 25th, 2013

The sun is shining, days are longer and people are dining al fresco, which can only mean one thing, spring is finally really here! As a wannabe gym rat, I have two different emotions towards this time of year. On one hand, I have spent the entire winter working hard and I want to enjoy it; on the other, I have been doing so well and we’re in the home stretch before bathing suit season, why break my routine now? Rather than splurging on gelato, I decided to splurge on new exercise items to keep me inspired. These products are sure to put the fire back in your regime and make spring your best season yet!

1. These Striders Edge bras are super supportive without making you feel like your circulation is being cut off (isn’t that the worst?).

2.  Up by Jawbone is the latest and greatest in fitness band technology. Typically I find these things invasive and strange, but I am completely hooked! More than just a workout calculator, this one little band tracks everything from your food to your proper nights sleep.

3.  The only thing better than a pair of Dri-Fit spandex? Dri-Fit socks!

4.  Get ready to face those spring showers with a lightweight, rainproof jacket like this one from Sweaty Betty.

5.  Time to break in a fresh pair of kicks. Reebok’s DMX Sky sneaker will have you running on air.

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