Guy Code: Real Men Take Fitness Classes

By | June 11th, 2013

While the number seems to have grown a bit over the last few years, reports still show the number of men who participate in fitness classes at a mere 10%. As a fitness instructor, I can certainly tell you all the excuses I’ve heard, but here’s why guys need classes as much as the ladies.


There is comfort in routine. But if you look up “change” in the thesaurus, you’re not going to find the word  “comfort.”

Fitness classes challenge your body in different ways. By changing modalities and trying something new, like yoga or Pilates, the body has to adapt. I’ve heard people in my classes marvel that they never knew they had muscles “there.” Well, that’s the point! Classes can get you discovering new parts of yourself, and that’s a good thing.


By leaving the programming to an instructor, you get pushed harder. Your brain will quit 100 times before your body does. Thanks to human evolution, and the fact that you are not being chased by a tiger in the gym, your mind will have you give up long before your muscles are fully exhausted. We are conditioned to stop when we are “uncomfortable,” but having someone spur you on, someone you don’t want to disappoint helps you workout harder.


There is nothing I love more than seeing my students say greet each another.  By taking classes you become invested in everyone’s success. Students understand each other’s struggles, sympathize and provide a little friendly competition to help! Research says you are more likely to keep working out when you feel like you are part of a community that keeps you accountable. There are other advantages of community as well, you can meet new people in your neighborhood or even make a love connection!


Even though it’s called a “workout” it doesn’t have to be a chore! Trying something new is ridiculously fun. Whenever my 65-year-old father comes to LA, I bring him to a fitness class. I can assure you, before me, he’d never seen a VIPR, hung from a TRX or been on an Indowrow. But each time he visits, he’s game and even though he sometimes feels ridiculous, he leaves a little healthier and with a great story to tell.

Boys, round up a group of friends and try trading in happy hour for a group class!

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Stephanie Czajkowski

WHO: Personal Trainer. Group Fitness Instructor at Equinox. Fitness aficionado. Workout-aholic.


MY BURNTHIS INSPIRATION: For me, it’s every day when people find connection to their body. As soon as they have that visceral connection to their body, seeing that discovery is like watching a little kid learn something for the first time. I’m consistently reminded of why I do this when I see people who really struggle the first day, then push through it and take on new fitness challenges (like signing up for a half marathon).

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