Alo Yoga is a fitness-lover’s dream apparel brand. With drool-worthy designs and ultra-comfortable and supportive clothing, once you go Alo, you will be hard-pressed to go back.  With hundreds of thousands of followers world-wide, Alo Yoga has been taking the yoga industry by storm.  Here are some of the secrets to their success!

Q: There is so much in a name! What does ALO represent and how did the company get started? 

A: ALO Yoga was created to align with the owners’ healthy lifestyle, and to be equal parts performance and fashion so that yogis could also wear it to and from practice and beyond into everyday life. Beyond this goal of yogi-tested-quality-meets-style, the owners of our company have always been very green-conscious and wanted to develop a yoga line that had a conscience. ALO stands for Air, Land, Ocean and everything we do ties back to our core mission of doing business consciously. Our design studio is solar powered, our warehouse is paper-free and we have electric car charting stations in our parking lot. All of our manufacturing is 100% no sweat shops—we treat our people the way we want to be treated. ALO Yoga has been making clothing in the U.S. and internationally in a no-sweatshop, humane, sustainable way since day one. Doing things the right way has never been up for debate. And the best yoga instructors in L.A. come to teach ALO Yoga employees several times a week at our on-site yoga studio, which is always open for practice (even for procrastinators).

Q: You guys are known worldwide for your “Goddess” legging. Tell us about the signature piece and what sets it apart? 

A: Our patent-pending Goddess Ribbed Legging is both the favorite in the office and with our yogis. It features Ultimate Performance fabric to slim inner and outer thighs and seriously lift the booty. New waistband engineering is tummy flattening and super flattering. These are tights worth worshiping, fit for every yoga goddess.

Q: We love how you work closely with real yogis to test your products. Who are some of the influencers that you look to for inspiration? 

A: There are TONS of inspirational yogis out there and we feel so lucky that we get to work with so many wonderful women who inspire us on a daily basis.

Q: You are most well-known for your Goddess leggings, but we were thrilled to discover that you also carry a full women’s line and plenty of men’s apparel, too! What are some other signature pieces that you would recommend for fitness buffs like us? 

A: Our Airbrush Legging, a classic yoga legging with ultimate performance fabric to sculpt inner and outer thighs while lifting the booty. Zero outer seams slim the thighs and a new waistband is engineered to flatter your stomach. It’s like wearing real-life retouching. Who doesn’t want an airbrushed version of themselves?

Q: Of course, now we have all-things-ALO Yoga on the brain! Where do we shop for these amazing leggings? 

A: You can shop our pieces at NordstromRevolve ClothingSaks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdales.

Q: Any special collaborations or exciting launches we should be on the lookout for?

A: We have a number of exciting things coming down the pipeline! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @aloyoga to find out about them first.

Alo Yoga and The Goddess Leggings You Need To Own