Ashley Borden is one of the hottest fitness and lifestyle consultants in the world, but her rise to fame only began after she overcame her own personal struggles.  After hitting an all time low at 18, Borden found solace in overeater’s anonymous and began her recovery to a balanced and healthy life. Inspired by her own experience, Ashley sought to help others through nutrition and fitness. Today, Ashley’s empire includes everything from food delivery to fitness retreats in some of the world’s most exclusive zip codes.  A success story for sure, and a true inspiration, Ashley Borden sits down with us for a candid talk about everything from training Ryan Gosling to her favorite cheat-day-treat, because yes, everybody cheats sometimes!

BT: Can you remember how/when your love for fitness began?

AB: For as long as i can remember health and fitness was a part of my day to day life. My mom owned a health food/running store called Borden’s Vitamin Bee for 11 years. I practically grew up in that health food store! My dad owned fitness and apparel stores and was entrenched in fitness, both personally and professionally. My mom was an avid runner — running rain, snow or shine for over 20 years. My childhood family time was made up of cheering on my parents who competed in various local races, playing tennis (I sucked), bowling (also sucked), Mr Olympiato running races and eating carob.

BT: You are very open about your struggles with eating, and journey in OA (overeaters anonymous). Many people are unable to confront this issue, when did you decide to tackle this issue head on?

AB: At 18 years old I thought “I cannot live another day this way. I have officially hit bottom.”  I made a conscious choice to do whatever it took to make my soul feel better.

BT: What do you never leave home without?

AB: Lip gloss, ID and sunglasses.

BT: What has been the biggest moment in your career (thus far)?

AB: Being Featured in Women’s Health issue of 6 “Top Body Transformers” and grouped with such huge fitness stars like Bob Harper, Tony Horton, and Mandy Ingber. Sometimes i feel like I bull doze through events because I subscribe to the “on-to-the-next-thing” check list in my business, but being acknowledged by a magazine I admired and loved to read was exciting and humbling.

BT: If you weren’t a fitness guru, what would you be doing?

AB: Living on a huge, organized, clean property with lots and lots of rescued animals. Still helping with animal rescue and supporting No Kill Shelters.

BT: Ok, we have to ask, Ryan Gosling…. How does he get those abs!

AB: All I can say about my experience helping Ryan for a particular role was…that man was disciplined!

BT: What is your favorite cheat-day treat?

AB: Kettle chips and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream!

BT:  Where do you see yourself in ten years?

AB: Ashley Borden Fitness and Lifestyle will be making a global impact with Fitness and Lifestyle. I will have a very big TV presence to reach millions of people sharing my mission to encourage people to take their bodies back by managing and fine-tuning their best self.

Ashley Borden: Her Rise To Fitness Rockstar Status