The inevitable over eating that comes as the winter weather settles in leads us all to feel the discomfort of a bloated belly. Some people don’t even have to over indulge to feel the bogged down, sluggish side effects of stomach bloat. No matter what your reason for your belly bloat we have got 5 fool proof ways to regain your energy and get that flat stomach back.

Skip The Salt

Too much sodium causes our bodies to retain fluid. The foods and meals that you are eating already contain sodium. Think twice before you reach for the salt shaker, and avoid pre packaged meals as these are usually very sodium heavy. During the holiday season, rather than snack on salty indulgences between meals drink water and snack on fresh veggies and fruit.

Watch The Carbs

Bloating occurs when our stomachs are unable to properly digest the foods that we are consuming. Heavy starches, like pasta and bread, are much more difficult for our bodies to break down. If you are somebody that wakes up bloated, it might be because you are over consuming starch heavy meals too close to bed time.

Avoid Carbonation

Try skipping out on carbonated beverages if you are continually feeling uncomfortable in your lower stomach. The air bubbles found in our favorite carbonated drinks expand in our abdomen. When these air bubbles burst they leave behind carbon dioxide particles which can fill up your stomach and cause intense bloating.

Eat Slowly

When you chow down too fast you cause “air swallowing” that can lead to stomach bloating. Air swallowing also occurs when you chew gum! Swap out gum for a protein rich, low salt treats (like unsalted almonds), and take your time the next time you sit down to eat.

Say “No” To Fried

Fried foods are not good for you for a number a reasons, but when it comes to decreasing bloat they are especially bad for you. Because of the way fried meals are prepared they take much longer to digest in our systems. This, along with what goes into frying your food both lead to a bigger waistline and more discomfort.

5 Ways To Beat The Bloat