Body Nutrition is bringing the heat in the nutritional supplement scene.  The company’s mission is to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements to professional, college, Olympic and Armed Forces sports programs around the world. With the recent release of Gardenia, a hot new all-natural vegan protein, the company continues to expand its reach.  We got the 411 from founder Greg Simek on what sets his company apart and what fuels his passion for the health & wellness industry! 

Q: Tell us a bit about Body Nutrition. What sets it apart from the other products in the market?

A: Body Nutrition specializes in proteins with two focal points: 1) great tasting and 2) product integrity. My family ran and owned a flavors & extracts manufacturing firm that specialized in natural & organic flavorings. Having grown up with this R&D and manufacturing background, I knew I could translate many of the tricks of the trade that the very best flavor chemists used to produce the most authentic & realistic tasting flavors into protein powders, which hitherto all seemed to have the appeal of drinking sawdust.

We also manufacture all our products in house. We have behind the scenes photos on our Instagram to check out if you’re interested in. This provides the benefit of having complete control of our supplier selection, procurement process, production & packaging to make sure no corners are cut and we’re providing the absolute highest-quality product at the most affordable price.

Q: We’d love to learn more about your “founder story!’  What inspired you to create the company?

A: Six years ago, like many fitness enthusiasts, I was very concerned about optimizing my nutrient and protein intake to maximize lean muscle growth. It got very confusing and tedious blending and timing my intake of whey, casein and egg white, each of which had their own unique properties concerning digestion and absorption times. All the multi-blend proteins on the market hid their protein mixtures in a “proprietary blend,” and would not disclose the ratios to me even when I phoned and emailed them. I came to find out that the reason they did this was because of the great price differential between the three types of proteins and that a “proprietary blend” was nothing more than an industry euphemism for “99% of the cheapest ingredients and 1% of the expensive ingredients.” Now in the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA would never allow a drug to be released without the disclosing the exact mg of the active ingredient in the dosage, so why should proteins and supplements be any different? They shouldn’t! Hence, Trutein was born to be completely honest and transparent with what goes into it because you, the customer, deserves to know – to NOT be kept in the black – about what you are purchasing & consuming.

Q: Personal favorites? Which of your products are on your personal hot list right now?

A: I usually drink 2-3 protein shakes a day total with 2 scoops in each shake as healthy snacks between larger meals and also after I workout. I like to find a balance between dairy-based proteins and vegetable, so I’ll alternate between Trutein and Gardenia for each shake. I also like to experiment using protein in many baked goods and recipes such as pancakes. I have some of these recipes on our website at

Q: Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand. What are your go-to workout routines?

A: I usually do 10-15 minutes HIIT cardio followed by about 35-45 minutes of intense lifting focusing on compound movements, drop sets, and supersets. I like to keep a journal to know where I need to be and to keep me on track. Without a journal I lose guidance.

Q: Exciting plans for 2015 you can share with us?

A: We have new flavors of our Gardenia vegan protein coming out soon, including CinnaBun. We also have our all-naturals line of Trutein coming out in April, which has been one of our most requested products! Without giving too much away, definitely expect some even bigger surprises later on down the line 😉

Q: What’s the best advice you have received / or would offer to someone looking to start a business in the industry?

A: The best advice is to always be conscious of scaling up and also how can you separate yourself from being a “me too” brand. Many people get their start in personal training, which is great & affects many people’s lives for the better, but always be thinking to yourself, “how can you scale beyond your local area and extend your reach beyond your clients.” This could perhaps mean writing a blog which can in turn lead to a national advice column to a book to a TV show. And always think how you can add value to what everyone else is doing to make it better than everyone else’s. Body Nutrition was fortunate to be a manufacturer so our scaling came naturally as our reach extended. And we always put our unique spin on our products: Trutein was the very first non-proprietary blend protein way before “nonprop” became a trend 4 years later, and Gardenia is the first vegan protein to be packaged in 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Behind The Scenes With Body Nutrition Founder Greg Simek