The heart-pumping, energy-inducing workout that Exhale’s Core Fusion class brings to each of its clients is like no other. With locations all over the world (literally), Core Fusion has been sculpting peoples’ bodies since first introduced back in 2011. Now, as Core Fusion is set to become available at Exhale’s Venice location, we decided to sit down with co-founder Elisbeth Halfpapp to chat candidly about Exhale, her background in the fitness industry and much more.

BT: We are so excited that Exhale Venice will now be offering core fusion classes in addition to yoga. Why did you decide to bring core fusion to Venice?  

EH: The demand for more barre classes in the Venice area, along with the barre classes being such a complimentary program to yoga.  We have both barre and yoga programs in all our locations and our guests enjoy this variety.

BT: Core Fusion is unlike any class we’ve ever taken before. How did the concept of the combining Pilates, yoga and Lotte Berk method together come about?

EH: Fred, my husband and co-creator of Core Fusion with me, always respected the yogic disciplines of breathing and using breath with movement, along with savasana at the end of class to absorb the benefits of the practice, so when we helped to birth exhale, we incorporated more of these principles in our new class, Core Fusion.

BT: Besides core fusion, what else does your fitness routine consist of?

EH: I practice and teach exhale power yoga. Also, I enjoy still taking a ballet class once or twice a week. Believe it or not, I still perform in the Nutcracker every year in the adult party scene!

BT: What motivates you every day? 

EH: To teach and help change people’s lives through movement.


BT: So we know what we can find in your gym bag, but what could we find in your purse on any given day?/What do you never leave home without?

EH: I carry a very small purse! Tata Harper tinted lip gloss, my  blackberry (soon to be an iphone 5S), small compact mirror, driver’s license and 2 credit cards.

BT: What did your last meal look like? 

EH: Grilled salmon, steamed spinach and string beans, brown rice, fresh brewed ice tea.

BT: Most people may not know this but you graduated with a degree in Dance Education from Hartford Ballet and have performed and choreographed routines in ballet and modern dance! How did this background inform your current career? 

EH: In core fusion, especially the Barre class, I incorporate a lot ballet class barre movements, emphasizing alignment principles in all the moves, change up the class choreography often, and blend the movements with music all influenced from my ballet days.  I also use a progression of exercises from basic to advanced in one class, which is similar to the Russian Ballet Vaganova training which is what the Kirov Ballet uses.

BT: What is a typical day in the life of Elisabeth Halfpapp look like? 

EH: I usually a 6am wake up, so I can enjoy a balanced civilized sit down breakfast (I feel that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it sets your energy up for the rest of the day). Then, I either start my day teaching Core Fusion Barre or yoga and/or taking a class, then head to corporate office for the remainder of the day.  Also, every day involves some Core Fusion teacher training.  Lunch and early dinner!

BT: Has there been a moment in your career where you sat back and had to pinch yourself?

EH: Yes every day, especially with the continued growth of exhale Core Fusion classes nationwide!

BT: What do you love most about Venice? 

EH: Seeing and breathing in the ocean. The ions from the ocean are proven to relax the mind and the body.  Being a New Yorker, I love that you can walk a lot in Venice, especially on the beach!

Behind The Scenes with Elisabeth Halfpapp

Exhale's Core Fusion Co-Founder