While we all want to look our best at the gym, how bad is it to wear makeup?

The short answer, is bad. But because we know that is not going to stop you, we wanted to fill you in on exactly why it is harmful. Read on to learn about some invaluable tricks of the trade and our favorite products that will leave your skin glowing even after a sweat-inducing workout.

What happens when I wear makeup to the gym? 

When we sweat a couple of things happen to our skin; the first thing is that we get hot. When our skin heats up our pores enlarge. If you have makeup on your face the absorption of that makeup into your pores can increase the chances of you having a breakout. Beyond breakouts, when you constantly mix in heat, sweat and open pores with makeup your skin becomes blocked, and can lead to blackheads, discoloration and uneven skin coloration!

What if I just can’t go without no makeup?

Alright, so you shouldn’t wear makeup, but if you cannot go without anything try going for an oil-free light, tinted moisturizer. As soon as you are finished with your workout make sure you clean it off — the sooner, the better. When your skin begins to cool your pores tighten trapping the dirt that can lead to those nasty breakouts.

Below are 3 of the best products available as an alternative to your bronzer if you don’t wish to go au natural!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Smashbox BB Cream

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer

Should I Wear Makeup To The Gym?