Is Cardio or Strength Training The Better Workout?

By | April 17th, 2013


“Which is the better workout? Cardio or Strength-training?”


The millisecond answer…Strength Training.

Willing to stick around a little longer to learn why and how both are important to incorporate into your fitness journey? Good…here we go! During a Cardiovascular Training session you will achieve more calories burned per minute versus Strength Training Exercises.  Common Cardio Training exercises include running, aerobics, jogging, incline walking, and elliptical workouts.

Now I am sure you are questioning my previous statement and ready to challenge me by saying that burning more calories is the better choice; however once you are done doing any type of Cardiovascular Training exercise then your body is done burning calories. It doesn’t provide the body with extra caloric deficiencies throughout the day. Strength Training provides muscle growth.

A body with more muscle in it expels more energy to support and preserve the muscles; therefore more calories are burned throughout the day, even when exercises are not being performed. By adding just three lbs of muscle onto the body you can burn an additional 120 calories without even doing extra work. Who wouldn’t say yes to burning calories that way?!  Just lay on the couch and you will burn calories due to your Strength Training.

Also, if you are looking to achieve a certain physique, like a chiseled body, Strength Training is the way to go. If you want to be more athletic, include more cardiovascular-based strength exercises in your regiment…sorry I might have just confused you putting both words together to describe an exercise. Have no fear, all it basically means is during your Strength Training, keep the repetitions high, the repetitions quick and the heart rate elevated.

Despite the benefits of Strength Training, I believe it is important to have both Cardiovascular and Strength Training workouts as a marriage for a long, healthy life. We are all unique so a balance of the two will be different for each one of us, but having them both incorporated in your exercise routine is the ultimate.

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