Cynthia Rowley: The New Frontier of Fashionable Fitness Attire

The days of frumpy fitness clothing are long gone.  Today, drool-worthy athletic apparel has catapulted the concept of “Athleisure” and transformed it into one of the hottest and fastest growing segments of the market.

Enter Cynthia Rowley.  The effortlessly-chic, New York-based designer and her eponymous fashion label has quickly become a leader in fashion-forward fitness apparel, since launching her first Rowley Fitness Collection in Spring 2015.  This season, in addition to a new line Rowley is raising the proverbial bar once again, with the opening of a super cool collective-style space in the West Village, which will host custom fitness classes, influencer dinners,  and cutting edge events.  We caught up with Cynthia to learn more about her inspiring push-the-envelope vision.

Q: The fusion of high fashion and fitness continues to gain momentum.  You were one of the first to lead the charge into the activewear space. What inspired you to create this line?

A: Fitness and having an energetic lifestyle is so much a part of my everyday life. It started with wetsuits five years ago and grew organically, marrying fashion and function.

Q: We know Montauk has a special place in your heart.  How does the East End enclave fit into your personal approach to wellness?

A: We have a small house so we spend all our time outdoors. We surf as a family for hours, and ride bikes into town. If there are no waves we wakeboard, play tennis, or go on a hike.

Q: Your new NYC headquarters are simply awesome. What are the plans for the space?

A: I like to think of it as a new kind of workspace– part studio, part screening room, part fitness and community center, fostering creativity by integrating the different pieces that make up your work and life, and being able to bring your kids, your friends, and business partners. It’s a place for dinners, cooking classes, and anything else that inspires. We have a trampoline in the middle of the space right now.

Q: We love how fit you are yourself! What are your go-to workouts?

A: I swim laps in the morning before work and school drop off, and I surf whenever possible. About once a week I experiment with a new class.

Q: The new collection is so chic and vibrant. What inspired the pieces?

A: Now I’ve made my life twice as hard since making Fitness a standalone collection! It’s twice the work, but double the fun. The RTW collection is always a mix of sporty and pretty, and it really came together in our film we shot in Montauk with drones. The presentation goes hand in hand with the design of the clothes. For the Fitness collection, to emphasize the idea of hydration, we shot the models being sprayed with water. Basically a super chic wet t-shirt contest. We also did a special capsule for Bloomingdale’s new fitness area.

Q: There is so much buzz about the interesting and diverse ways that you continue to push the envelope in the wellness space. Are there any upcoming partnerships you can tell us about?

A: We recently added athletic bags and socks to our collection. We are definitely adding lots of new things – check in on our website for announcements and to sign up for classes.

Cynthia Rowley: The New Frontier of Fashionable Fitness Attire