DRINKMaple: Discover A Tree-Based Hydration Station

Co-Founder Kate Weiler shares the inspiration and science behind DRINKmaple’s efforts to tap the largest laboratory on earth – Mother Nature.

Q. We all love maple syrup but many of us are not familiar with the hydrating and nourishing properties of this delicious natural treat. What is DRINKmaple and why is it so good for you?

A: DRINKmaple is pure maple water (sap) straight from the tree with nothing added. During the long winter, the sap – which is a natural water consistency – in maple trees collects nutrients from the soil. When spring comes to Vermont and the days grow warm, the sap starts to run, delivering nutrients and vitality to the tree. That’s when we we collect the sap straight from maple trees. DRINKmaple is loaded with 46 nutrients,  naturally hydrating and is half of the sugar of coconut water.

Q: Where did you first come to learn of the hydrating properties of maple and what made you decide to create the product?

A: Jeff and I were racing an Ironman triathlon in Canada when we stumbled on maple water. We had no idea that when you tap a tree,  a natural and nutritious hydration drink comes out and that is what is typically boiled down to syrup. We couldn’t believe that coconuts were being used all across the world for natural single ingredient plant based hydration and we had a resource right here that we weren’t utilizing.

Q. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that DRINKmaple has more manganese in it then one whole cup of kale! What are the different potential health benefits of manganese for the body? 

A: Manganese has antioxidant properties and may help with thyroid health, bone health and blood sugar control. It also may have anti-inflammatory properties.

Q. The founders of DRINKmaple‘s philosophy is to “eat real food” and that “Mother Nature is the best chemist.” How does DRINKMaple embody these philosophies? 

A: DRINKmaple is a drink that is created by a tree and not created by beverage chemists in a lab. DRINKmaple comes straight from the tree with out any preservatives or additives.

Q. When we think of “maple” we traditionally think of maple syrup. What is the recommended temperature for enjoying DRINKmaple and what does it taste like?

A: When we think of maple, we typically think of the sticky, sweet syrup. What comes out of the tree is a naturally hydrating and refreshing drink with a very subtle hint of maple. It has very low natural sugar. It takes 40 gallons of the water that comes from the tree to boil down to make 1 gallon of syrup. We recommend drinking it chilled.

Q. If we are interested in trying DRINKmaple how can we find out where to get it? 

A: Check out our store locator or find us on Amazon.com

Q. You and your co-founder are both active triathletes. Do they have any fit tips for busy professionals? 

A: The best tip I have is to carve out time to work out early in the morning and schedule it in your calendar like a meeting. As the day goes on, schedules, meetings and plans are more likely to go awry and you can end up working much later than expected. You are much less likely to skip your workout if you get it done first thing in the morning. Plus, you will have more energy and mental clarity and focus to tackle the day.

DRINKMaple: Discover A Tree-Based Hydration Station