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It’s no secret that many of us hit the gym on a regular basis to look good for our potential matches. Who doesn’t want a fit mate? Burning calories and fine tuning your physique isn’t just about getting the girl or guy to simply notice you. Improving your strength, endurance, balance and nutrition directly translates to a better you. A better you means a better and more fulfilling love life.

Here are four way improving your fitness can improve your love life:



We have all heard the phrase, “Abs start in the kitchen,” and it’s absolutely true. What you eat makes itself present on the outside of your body. Having a healthy diet full of dark green, leafy vegetables, fruit, ample protein and water does wonders for your body from your head to your toes. Have you ever noticed how unhappy people look when they leave McDonalds compared to Whole Foods? There’s a reason. What you eat has a direct impact on the way you look and feel.  When you are getting the right nutrients, radiance is inevitable, making you that much more attractive to a potential match.


It’s pretty straightforward, right? When you focus on strength training, you feel stronger. The most noticeable gain you will achieve with strength training is confidence. As you begin to build muscle and correct alignment, people will notice. Your stance will be taller, your strut will be more determined, and people will notice when you walk into a room.

What also happens is that the strength you gain ends up going beyond just physical strength, and transcends into your life in totality. Your heart and mind become stronger throughout the process. You are able to deal with life’s hiccups and hurdles with more agility. Relationships are full of hiccups, hurdles and 100 MPH curve balls that you never see coming. Pushing your limits and boundaries with your body give you the mental tenacity you need to deal with anything that may come your way.


While strength training is critical, so is cardiovascular endurance. If you take a look at the profiles on dating apps and sites, you will see a common requirement: “Must be active”.  The last thing you want is to be on a date with a great person and feel winded on the dance floor only after two songs or completely lose your breath after a five mile bike ride on the beach.

There is actual science to prove that working out can make you a happier and therefore more positive person to date. When you do cardio, your brain produces more serotonin and dopamine which can improve your mood, decrease your risk of depression and make you an overall happier person! We rarely hear a client give us feedback like, “She was way too happy”. More often, we hear things like “He was just so negative!” Get to the gym, get those serotonin and dopamine levels up, and get happy!


It is pretty commonplace for our love lives and our careers to have an inverse relationship. Sometimes it is just plain difficult to balance it all.  Climbing the corporate ladder can be completely time consuming and cannabalize the time needed to put into a relationship. A lot of clients come to us asking us for just that, help balancing it all with personalized matchmaking. Although we do a lot of the leg work needed to find a perfect match for our clients, it is important that they find that balance internally on their own. Whether it’s balancing strength training with cardio or balancing long hectic days in the office with a meditative yoga class – having that balance can make all the difference.

When you’re out with that special someone, you want to be totally focused and in the moment, rather than wondering what emails you have to answer or documents you need to sign. When you start your day, meditate and focus on the goals you want to accomplish and approach them with a cool and calm demeanor. When you adopt a meditative mind set, going on that first date won’t be so nerve racking, and following up for a second date becomes effortless.

How you mix and match your strength training, cardio and nutrition requirements is totally up to you. You don’t have to be tied to any formal regimen. Do what works best for you and the goals you have and remember that balance is key!


Mary Stuart Deibel, Three Day Rule Matchmaker