Innovations in Water: The KOR Experience

How excited can a person get about a water bottle?  In one word, VERY. We recently discovered KOR, an eco-friendly, reusable hydration vessel company that is all about celebrating water.  We got the inside scoop from KOR CEO and founder Eric Barnes. 

Q: There is so much in a name! Can you tell us about the origins of the brand name, KOR?

KOR is a play on the word “core”, which is the central or innermost part of anything.   When we started the company, we realized early on we were creating something much bigger than a line of water bottles.  It starts with the fact hydration is at our physical core, powering our body and mind to achieve our goals. KOR is the idea that inside each of us lives a “true north” – a central identity of our best self that we’re always trying achieve.  Sometimes life gets in the way of that goal, and we keep falling off the path, but that’s ok.  What’s important is that we first look inside to align with our core and true self with the outside. Our water drop logo tells the story of that duality in its modern “yin / yang” form.  You’ll notice the arms of each side reach upward but never completely touch. It’s an acknowledgement that we’re perfectly imperfect along life’s journey.

Q: We feel like we are getting a serious education! What exactly is a “hydration vessel” and how does the product set KOR apart?

After spending over three years to design our first product, the KOR ONE, we felt the term “water bottle” was an understatement for what we had accomplished.  With it’s iconic, elliptical shape and white trim halo, the KOR ONE put water on a pedestal and made it look beautiful..  In 2008 we coined the term “hydration vessel” because the ONE belonged in a different category altogether.  It’s funny to see how the label “hydration vessel” has spread across the water bottle industry since that time.

Q: We noticed that you name your collections, like “Nava” or “Delta.” Where does that inspiration come from?

Every product KOR develops take so much sweat, tears, love and effort that when we’re ready to release it out to the world we think names are a big deal.  We have a lot of fun as a team deliberating on names that fit the soul of the product and ideally align with our focus on water.

Nava, our filtered bottle that uses coconut shells to purify water, is named after La Nava, is an important wetland reserve in Northeast Spain. Wetlands are the earth’s natural water filters, removing impurities before water enters streams, lakes and rivers.

Delta, our bottle with a triangular handle, is named the triangle shape that is formed when a river splits into smaller rivers before it flows into an ocean.  Delta is also the Greek math symbol for change.

Q: Ok, now that we are officially obsessed – where can we find these amazing products?

You can certainly find our full selection on KOR’s website,, or at  We’re also in many US retailers, from small boutiques and fitness studios to bigger locations like Whole Foods, Target, and MC Sports.

Q: We love the KOR Manifesto! It feels like something we would see in an inspirational post on the BurnThis app. What is the primary message that you want to impact to consumers?

KOR’s Manifesto is really a rallying cry to “Live Your KOR!”.  We think the world is an incredible place when we look within to hear the call of our core.  Each of us is unique, but so similar in that we’re endowed with this “true north” knowing of we really are.  We just need the conviction and courage sometimes to live that.

Innovations in Water: The KOR Experience