Jax Coco Coconut Water: A Pure & Simple Solution

After one sip of this delicious coconut water you will find that Jax Coco lives up to its reputation as a pure, simple, and stylish healthy beverage choice.  We sat down with the team for the story behind the chic brand that advises us to “Serve Chilled and Drink For Life.”  

Q: Where did the idea for Jax Coco originate and why was the drink created?

A: Jax Coco was created in Asia after four coconut water enthusiasts – Jane, Jason, Alex and Max – noticed that while there were plenty of young coconuts, there didn’t seem to be any coconut water products packaged for easy consumption.

Q: The name “Jax” is very catchy and cool. How did the company decide on this name? 

A: The name Jax is actually made up of the four owners names who all incidentally had the letter J, A or X in their names.

Q: The four founders of Jax Coco were inspired by fashion, art and contemporary culture when thinking about the product they wanted to create. How do these various influences play out in the product itself?

A: Our glass bottle has a very modern design thanks to Alasdhair Willis (Stella McCartney’s husband) who came up with it. The glass bottle was also named the chicest coconut water on the market by Vogue UK and spotted in the hands of chic celebs like Cara Delevingne, Matthew Willliamson, Sienna Miller and Elizabeth Hurley.


Q: What sets Jax Coco apart from other coconut waters on the market?

A: Jax Coco coconut water is the first 100% pure coconut water packaged in a sleek glass bottle. Always starting with the freshest, young green coconuts from the Philippines, Jax Coco uses a proprietary micro-filtering and bottling method which was developed after nearly a year of experimentation.

5. What are some of the healing properties of coconut water that make it such a healthy choice and is it possible too drink to much of it? 

Jax Coco is packed with five essential electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and sodium) making it perfect for all round natural hydration. Jax Coco is also high in alkaline which helps boosts the immune system and helps oxygenate the blood more effectively.


Q: Jax Coco is an ecologically-conscious company committed to sustainability. How does Jax Coco fulfill this commitment abroad?

A: Jax Coco works with its coconut growers, the World Bank and the Philippines Coconut Authority to develop long-term purchasing arrangements that benefits growers by offering above-market prices, and that benefit the environments by encouraging responsible stewardship of coconut plantations old and new. Jax Coco also works with the IFC to use a portion of proceeds from coconut purchases to provide micro-financing as well as build schools, hospitals and other community needs.

Q: Jax Coco is about to offer a sparkling water with calamansi, which we are really excited about! For those of us who aren’t familiar with calamansi what is it and what about its combination with coconut water makes it so delicious? What gave Jax Coco the idea to create this new, innovative product?

Calamansi is a delicious indigenous citrus fruit from the Philippines. Co-founder Jane Gottschalk was inspired to create Jax Coco Sparkling when working with Pacha in Ibiza promoting Jax Coco as part of a responsible hydration to dehydrated clubbers.

Jax Coco Coconut Water: A Pure & Simple Solution