Welcome to the “Life of Ky” – a world that fuses science, motivation and technique to find truth – and results – in fitness.  Ky Evans is a true student of The Lagree Method and master instructor at The Studio MDR. After you take one of his classes you’ll never look at fitness the same again!

Q: How did you make the shift to professional pilates instructor? What inspired that decision?

A: In college, I studied ballet and was exposed to Pilates, and Pilates -like training.  While I enjoyed it, I wanted more intensity, more variety, more stimulation and more results. I continued to study ballet and Kinesiology Exercise Science but it wasn’t until I came to LA that everything drastically changed. I discovered the Megaformer and from that point on, I focused all my efforts and all my studies on mastering the machine.

Q: You have a background in neuroscience.  What are some of the more “scientific” facts about exercise and our bodies that we should keep in mind?

A: I had the opportunity to work with one of the top neuroscientists in Los Angeles for two years. I realized that most training systems did not stimulate the brain to its fullest effect. It is the brain that unlocks one’s true physical potential. It’s not the resistance or weight that we use. The way in which we sequence the physical movements of the body is what stimulates the brain and in turn, the brain stimulates more of the body to react to the task, in an effective and efficient manner. For me, fitness is not about muscles or body fat, but is about productivity, output, efficiency and expression. This all comes largely from the brain.

We only use 20 percent of our brain in our lifetime. Imagine if we tapped into the latter 80 percent and what we would be capable of doing. Everything I do at The Studio (MDR) is to overload the neurological function, to increase mood, cognitive memory, and overall physical efficiency and productivity.

Q: You train both professional athletes and housewives – which is more intense?  / Any funny or memorable stories to share?

A: I have been incredibly blessed to work with NBA, NFL, UFC, and Olympic Gold Medalists, yet above all, the most intense athlete that I have ever trained without a doubt, is a woman preparing for her wedding. There is no one more fierce, more focused, more disciplined and more determined than a woman planning to fit into a dress two sizes too small and walk down the aisle in front of her soon-to-be in-laws. Nothing gives me more pride than helping these women own their confidence, power, beauty and of course getting in that dress on their special day.

Q: You are known for keeping students motivated with inspirations sayings and “ky-isms” during class at Studio MDR.  What are some of the motivational mantras you like to share most?

A: My classes at their core, are not about fitness but about neurologically stimulating the brain and expressing the heart. It’s important to me to help clients truly own their greatest gift, which is the body. When you do that, you start to understand that you are the gift and that you can do no wrong.  I believe that fitness is our greatest form of expression.

Some my favorite ky-isms:

“I am, I can, I will, I must.”

“Time is our greatest commodity.”

“Embrace your ordinary , and become extraordinary.”

Q: What are the top 3 fitness tips you give to clients?

A: 1) Rest  2) Eat  3) Drink Water

The three most common mistakes clients make when they are trying to enhance performance are: lack of caloric intake, over training, and lack of hydration. Recovery is the most commonly misunderstood idea. To truly get fit, one must recover properly. We live in a society of ‘more, more, now, now’ but the secret to athletic performance is truly less is more, when you do it right.

Q: What are your favorite songs to get you pumped up for a workout?

In my classes I like to play:

1) “Celebrate” PITBULL

2) I love Calvin Harris

3) I shamelessly love Ariana Grande

When I am working out alone I like to listen to JAY Z and ICE Cube

Q: What is your personal exercise routine?

A: Six days on, one day off.

Monday through Saturday: one hour of cardio, 30 minutes of seated meditation.

MondayWednesday, and Friday: I do an afternoon weight session body building.

Tuesday and Thursday: afternoon Megaformer training.

Saturday: Cross- Fit and Olympic Lifting.

The Life of Ky: Behind The Scenes With One of LA’s Hottest Instructors