Should I Be Taking More Vitamin D?

By | June 17th, 2013

Have you noticed that when summer hits, we all feel just a bit more healthier and happier?  What we’re experiencing are some of the many beneficial effects of Vitamin D3.  It can be argued that Vitamin D3 is the most important vitamin our body requires to maintain good health.  “100,000,000 Americans have Vitamin D3 deficiency.” (Dr. Oz).  With indoor living conditions, limited exposure to sun year round, and not eating enough fish, it’s no wonder many of us are Vitamin D3 deficient.  Adding yet another supplement to your diet can be overwhelming, but making sure you are not Vitamin D deficient is a game changer.  Here are some commonly asked questions about the importance of Vitamin D3.

What is the difference between Vitamin D and Vitamin D3?

Supplements of Vitamin D come in two forms, D2, and D3.  Vitamin D2, is synthesized by plants and fungus, but not naturally made by our bodies.  On the other hand, D3 is the form synthesized by our bodies, and much more effective to ingest and benefit from.  Note: Be sure to read the labels on your Vitamins to make sure you are taking the proper amount of D3.

How can I find out what my Vitamin D levels are? 

Before you start popping D3 supplements, you need to find out your levels.  Go to your healthcare professional and request a Vitamin D blood test.  The name of the test is called 25(OH)D.  Your test results will accurately be able to tell you whether you are getting enough D3, or if you are deficient.  Once you have that information, you can figure out which supplements to take, the proper dosage, and if you need some more sun.

How can I get Vitamin D3?

When our skin is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, our bodies automatically make Vitamin D3- in its best form.  You need at least 10-15 minutes daily in midday sunlight to get the proper dosage of D3.  Unfortunately, due to climate change, most of us are not exposed to the sun that consistently, so we must take D3 supplements instead.  D3 can also be found in fish like cod liver oil, salmon, tuna, and sardines.  In smaller amounts, it is found in fortified bread, eggs, and milk products.

What are the benefits Vitamin D3?
1.   Maintains Strong Bones
2.   Improves Mental Sharpness
3.   Healthier Hair & Skin
4.   Healthier Heart
5.   Leaner Abs
6.   Prevents Cancer

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