Meet our fit and fabulous entrepreneurial girl-crushes! Danielle DuBoise & Whitney Tingle, co-founders of Sakara Life – the NYC-based healthy meal delivery service and lifestyle brand that has women all across the Tri-State salivating over a plethora of healthy meal options.  We sat down with this chic duo to learn more about the history of Sakara Life, their passion for fitness, and views on the relationship between eating well and working out. Read on!

We’ll start with some business advice from the founders!

“Just get going!  Whether it’s starting a business or working towards your dream body, the best thing you can do is to just get started. Don’t stress over how you’re going to do it or if you’re doing it the right way because our other favorite piece of advice is that there are no rules! Don’t be afraid to be different, to be creative.”

Q. Tell us about the philosophy behind Sakara Life and what inspired you to found the company together?

A: Sakara was created to instill balance in our life. Eating the Sakara way changed our lives for the better and we knew we had to share it with the world.  We owe it to the Sakara way of eating for helping finally end Whitney’s life-long battle with acne after years of creams, lasers and undergoing serious medication. The Sakara diet also helped to transform Danielle’s past negative relationship with her body into a positive one, allowing her to finally calm that destructive inner voice. We realized that there is no fast track to wellness, but also the journey shouldn’t be torturous. Health and wellness should be fun and transformative!  Eating well is a spiritual decision that one makes and requires a great deal of self-love and determination. Our aim is to educate and make healthy living an accessible lifestyle to all. We also want to provide individuals with the necessary tools for feeling their best.

Q. What’s your take on the relationship between working out and eating right?

A: Looking and feeling incredible starts with the food that you put into your body. We believe that food can either help or harm you. So, if you choose the right foods to nourish your body, you will be more inclined to practice healthy exercise habits.


Q. Funniest workout moments?

A: We definitely find ourselves in some funny workout situations in our twerk aerobics class! If you want to see what mean, just come to a class. Make it rain!!

Q. Your most inspirational fitness experience?

A: You mean aside from working out right next to Karlie Kloss at ModelFit (hello#fitspiration)? Taryn Toomey’s The Class is a seriously inspirational workout. It challenges you to push your body to its limit. During the hour-long class, we laugh, we cry and we scream, but still manage to enjoy moments of silence. It gives you time and space to practice self-motivation and work through obstacles in your physical body. And if that’s not inspiration enough, just check out Taryn’s butt in those Lululemon pants (enough said).

Q. Any current workout or fitness studio obsessions?

A: Too many to name! Soulcycle, Physique57, The Class, Jivamukti, and this new twerk class that we’re hooked on!

Q: Fill in the blank: I workout because…

A: It’s our time to play! We both love getting to connect more deeply with our bodies and working to develop that mind-body connection. Much like with food, when you bring mindfulness into your workouts, you get to a place where you really KNOW and can LISTEN to your body. We both make an effort everyday to get in some sort of physical activity. We cherish the time we have with our bodies. No matter what we do, we make sure we’re having fun doing it!

Q. Who do you Instagram-stalk for inspiration?

We love @livefast_mag, @chloenogaard, @reneeapporoximately, @Food52, @taza, @hilariabaldwin, @hemsleyhemsley, @lilyaldridge and @erinheathertonlegit.

Q. Favorite recipe or healthy dish of the moment?

A: Our Sakara style superfood “spaghetti and meat balls” aka sun-ripened squash noodles with quinoa + hempseed balls are to die for!

Q. Upcoming/exciting Fall projects you can share?

A: The projects never end! We always have projects going on whether they are in our business, personal or spiritual lives. We are constantly evolving and developing our business, our lives, and our selves. Currently we’re working on developing new mouth-watering recipes for our fall menu! A few of our new additions include pumpkin pecan granola with cinnamon goji milk, a pistachio falafel wrap, and butternut squash lasagna with celery noodles – we can’t wait to share them with you!

Up Close & Personal with Sakara Life Co-Founders Danielle & Whitney