Yoga Design Lab: More Than Just a Yoga Mat

Is your yoga mat an after-thought – necessary only as a tool to facilitate your workout?  Or is it an essential part of the workout itself?  For those seeking an extra dose of inspiration, meet Yoga Design Lab.  The creative team of yogis-turned-entrepreneurs behind this company are dedicated to making yoga mats beautiful, and by extension, to improving your workout experience.  

Q: Tell us more about Yoga Design Lab and what sets it apart?

A: Yoga Design Lab is not your average company. We are a team of international yogis who strive to make everyone’s journey on the mat truly inspirational! We’re inspired by the gems that surround us as we travel and explore the world, and want to offer everyone who enhances their practice on our uber beautiful mats a chance to tap into a well of support, encouragement, and strength.

Q: What inspired the creation of the company?  What were you doing beforehand?

A: Chad, our founder, was wanderlusting in Bali when he came up with the idea to create YDL. He was seated in the back of a packed class at the well-known mecca for yogaYoga Barn. Looking around, all he saw was a sea of unoriginal, massed produced, solid colored yoga mats. He thought,  there must be a way of creating a highly functional product that was also aesthetically beautiful. The inspiration grew and that sparked him to jump into the world of designing mats that would make more people excited about practicing yoga!

We wanted to bring something innovative to the hot yoga market. YDL mats were designed to be the ultimate yoga companion.  Our mats feel nothing like a traditional foamy, sticky yoga mat. The unique Mat/Towel Combination feels like sueded microfiber that increases grip as it becomes wet.  Comprised of biodegradable natural tree rubber, they reduce slipping, injuries and you no longer need to bring a mat AND towel to class anymore.

Q: The designs for the mats are gorgeous and so unique! Where do you find your design inspiration?

A: The inspiration comes from Bali! There is not one bad view in sight. Living here really does crack open the flow of creativity.

Q: We always love combining ‘feeling good’ with ‘doing good.’  We noticed that you make a donation for every mat purchased. Tell us more about the Urban Youth Yoga Programs that you help sponsor.

A: $1 from every sale is saved and donated to urban youth yoga programs such as our upcoming donation to schools in Washington DC to expand their ability to offer yoga to students.

Q: We’re sold! Where can we find these gorgeous products?

A: You can most easily shop our full line at as well as find the growing list of studios and retailers carrying our products in the US. Also, we’re excited to announce our launch of Europe next month!

Yoga Design Lab: More Than Just a Yoga Mat