Aleah Stander: Master Instructor & Creative Director SE Region at Flywheel Sports

February 18th, 2014


Aleah Stander


Master Flywheel Instructor & Creative Director of the Southeast Region at Flywheel Sports


Miami Beach, FL

Fitness Personality:

I love pushing people past their limits & I love finding music that assists you in getting there.

My Everyday Mantra:

“Love your body, Love yourself” and “Do something everyday that scares you”

My BurnThis Moment:

When Flywheel was just opening a few years ago, I started taking co-founder Ruth Zukerman’s classes in NYC. I’m normally a very tough person, but the combination of her motivation and the music actually motivated me to tears. I learned that teaching indoor cycling is so much more than just a physical workout – it can be an emotional and mental journey as well. It completely changed the way I teach and I haven’t looked back.

Best Fit Tip:

Practice cardio interval training that includes a few maximum effort/breathless intervals. Creating oxygen deficiency in the body keeps you burning calories way after the workout is over. I always design my rides at Flywheel this way to give my riders maximum caloric burn inside and outside the room.

Find Me Burning At:

Flywheel at Flywheel Sports

In My Gym Bag:

Windscreens, Lululemon headbands, Nike sports bras, Flywheel tanks, iPod, coconut water, protein bars, yoga mat.

Favorite Local Post-Burn Treat:

a JugoFly superfood smoothie from Jugofresh!

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