Andrea Hassberger: Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor at Sweat on State

April 25th, 2014


Andrea Hassberger


Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor at Sweat on State


Chicago, IL

Fitness Personality:

work hard/play hard, class junkie, run for fun, boot camper, frequent flyer

My Everyday Mantra:

“You have to work hard to see results.”

My BurnThis Moment:

When I went to Arizona to watch the IronMan.  Seeing all of those people (one guy with stage 4 cancer) cross the finish line after working so hard all day…was really an inspiring moment.  The body is capable of so many things, if those people can do an ironman, I can certainly push myself through a tough workout!

Best Fit Tip:

Lift heavy weights. Girls are always so afraid of bulking up if they lift heavy…but they won’t bulk up!  To see toned results, lift heavier.

Find Me Burning At:

Sweat on State!

In My Gym Bag:

Running shoes, crosstraining shoes, extra shorts, water bottle, and always SNACKS!!

Favorite Local Post-Burn Treat:

Fabcakes Almond milk cappuccino…so good!

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