Barry Jay, Co-Founder of Barry’s Bootcamp

December 20th, 2013


Barry Jay


Co-Founder of Barry's Bootcamp


West Hollywood, CA

Fitness Personality:

I've definitely been many of these things during various stages of my life as a gym-goer and an instructor. I remember being a class rookie and it’s a cherished time. I've certainly been a class junkie - probably mostly that. Gym rat - maybe only when I first started working out and seeing results quickly. Bootcamper - well, for sure!

My Everyday Mantra:

“Work hard, live right and be grateful”, “Make the most out of today,” and “Keep a ‘can-do’ attitude.”

My BurnThis Moment:

The day I was 120 lbs and decided to change my life by working out and cleaning up.   I took my first fitness class and was immediately addicted to it.  After that, I progressed in my fitness and I had another “a-ha!” moment the day I did 2000 pushups and 30 chin ups without stopping, my first marathon, my first time I ran 6 minute mile.  And I think my #1 moment is when I found a way to bring a gym weight lifting workout to a class with a club type atmosphere.

Best Fit Tip:

Be patient, do your best. Be consistent with your workouts and continue to fuel your body correctly. Don’t beat yourself up for a less than perfect day of eating or a missed workout. Just get back on the horse!

Find Me Burning At:

Barry's Bootcamp

In My Gym Bag:

Glasses case, wallet, keys, phone (because it doesn’t belong in the workout room!), and depending on weather and location: extra shirt or sweat pants.


Favorite Local Post-Burn Treat:

In NYC hands down, the “Simply PB” shake at the Barry’s Bootcamp Fuel Bar. I LOVE that right after class.  In LA, I gravitate towards egg whites with tomato and basil at the local cafe, down the street from Bootcamp.

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