David Prottas, Dancer with New York City Ballet

August 18th, 2015


David Prottas


Dancer with New York City Ballet


New York City

Fitness Personality:


My Everyday Mantra:

Make good choices

My BurnThis Moment:

Returning to the stage after a double knee surgery

Best Fit Tip:

Experiment with tempo when exercising – not everything has to be fast

New York City Ballet has provided me with an opportunity to dance an incredible amount of diverse work which continues to challenge and inspire me, even after almost nine years with the Company. As is the case with many dancers, I’ve struggled with many injuries, so fitness has played a huge role in helping me either get back to work or to maintain my health. After an ankle surgery, I trained at the Refine Method which helped me get back to work in record time.

Find Me Burning At:

Mercedes Club or Spin Class (sometimes my own!)

In My Gym Bag:

I don’t have one!

Favorite Local Post-Burn Treat:

Any overpriced delicious smoothie

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