Joanna Griffiths, Chief Knixpert aka Founder & CEO at Knix Wear

May 28th, 2015


Joanna Griffiths


Chief Knixpert aka Founder & CEO at Knix Wear


Toronto, Canada

Fitness Personality:

Go hard or go home!

My Everyday Mantra:

No hands no cookies. If you don’t ask or try, nothing will get handed to you.

My BurnThis Moment:

Running my first 10k in under 52 minutes. I had spent a year getting into shape and managed to lose 40 lbs. What I lost in weight, I gained in self-confidence. After that race I remember feeling like I could do anything.

Best Fit Tip:

Find a fitness pal and make a date out of it. With a busy schedule making time for yourself and for your friends can be tough. This way you kill two birds with one stone.

Find Me Burning At:

Studio Fitness in Toronto or in the park playing co-ed soccer with my intramural team

In My Gym Bag:

Michi yoga pants, Lululemon top, Donna Karan deodorant (it is amazing), Sigg water bottle, at least three hair elastics, FitKnix athletic underwear and FitKnix X band by Knix Wear.

Favorite Local Post-Burn Treat:

The coconut water from Juice Press. It’s an indulgence but worth every single penny.

To learn more about Joanna’s company, Knix Wear and her fitness-specific line FixKnix, visit

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